Nursing board certification

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  • Flight Nursing Mission Statement

    individual would want to choose Nursing as their occupation, but by hearing and seeing it with through my Mother, she tells me it is the…

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  • Relationship Between Pressure Ulcer And Fall Rate

    baccalaureate in nursing or higher degree, certified nurses in a specialty area, and registered nurse skill mix would be associated with higher Pressure Ulcer and Fall Rate composite scores. Among other hypotheses, was a higher percentage of unit patients at risk for hospital acquired pressure ulcer and higher unit restraint rate, will be linked to lower unit index scores. Variables The study included “Select unit-level nursing characteristics and processes known to be associated with nursing…

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  • What Is Your Path To A Successful Future

    The Path to a Successful Future Transitioning into a professional nursing role can be challenging for newly graduated nursing students. In order to succeed in the future you must be aware of the steps to obtain a nursing license, requirements to apply to a position as well as create a personal and professional short and long term plan to achieve your career goal. It is an important aspect to maintain a holistic life balance which requires practicing self-care activities to reduce stress and…

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  • Informatics Nursing Case Study

    Informatics Nursing Educational Criteria. Informatics nurse education program in the advanced level is either through a certification in nursing informatics with a master’s degree in nursing or a graduate level program with concentration in nursing informatics. However, an RN with at least a Bachelor’s degree can fulfill eligibility with the required 2000 work hours in the field to sit for the certification exam through ANCC (ANCC, 2015). The Clinic Nurse Specialist is only for master’s level or…

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  • Myself For Nursing School

    In nursing school or any School for that matter you Read and Read and Read some more. In nursing school we are responsible for reading our textbooks and researching in magazines and medical journals to understand what we are being taught. But the one thing they don 't explain in nursing school is that after graduation and all is said and done you don 't stop learning and reading and teaching The North Carolina Board of Nursing requires that you complete a specified…

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  • Case Management Theories That Will Drive Your Personal Clinical Practice?

    This paper will discuss a nursing theory that will drive my personal clinical nursing practice when employed, and it will highlight and illustrate two case management principles that I will incorporate into my personal clinical nursing practice when employed. This document will also discuss two professional behaviors from the American Nurses Association (ANA) Nursing Professional Behaviors document learned during the University of Houston- Victoria RN to BSN program, and it will discuss how…

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  • Vietnam War Flight Nurses: A Case Study

    Just to put into perspective, today in order to become a certified flight nurse there is over 11 certifications and degrees that you have to have. To name a few of those, they are a Bachelors degree, basic life support certification, critical care RN, certification flight RN, etc (Flight Nurses). Whereas in the Vietnam war, nurses would be fresh out of college and ending up working at war as a flight nurse or even a base nurse.…

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  • Health Care Administration Degree Analysis

    allowing for more advanced positions. Courses for these degrees may include accounting, economics, health law, health policy, finance, human resources, and statistics. Certifications for the degree are offered through a board certification by the American College of Healthcare Executives and licensure will be state-by-state mainly for Nursing Home Administrators and Residential Care/Assisted Living Administrators. The scope of practice with this degree has a wide range of options.…

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  • Magnet Role Model

    There are 4 phases of the application which include submitting an application, submit written documentation to demonstrate excellence in nursing standards, participating in a site visit, and lastly a final review by the commission. When many hospitals apply for Magnet status it takes many years to achieve it because of the many steps. During the application process the hospitals must submit…

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  • Pediatric Nursing Case Study

    Different types of nurses have different aspects of communication, responsibility, and levels of understanding. Pediatric nursing is a piece of the nursing career, which is slightly more delicate than any other nursing due to the sense of caring for children and their parents, rather than just adult patients. Pediatric nursing requires a great amount of concentration, critical thinking and compassion. There is also a limitless amount of understanding toward children’s different…

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