Organic Food Vs Non Organic Foods Essay

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Living Organic without breaking your wallet (Cost-Efficient Organic Lifestyle - COOL)
The quest to maintain an organic lifestyle remains the major goal of most individuals. When weighed against other indices, the cost of organic food remains the only downside because everything else about organic living is highly beneficial. A close look at Non-organic food shows they contain immunity destroying antibiotics, dangerous pesticides and cancer-causing hormones due to the process of growing them. It is a known fact that Non-organic foods employ Pesticides to prevent the produce from falling prey to pests. The components that make up a Pesticide are designed to poison or kill. In the event of this reality, it is not healthy to buy food that is laced
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Organic food at the long run saves you Doctor Visits, Prescription Drugs and other Medical costs. A careful blend of some of these facts has necessitated this compendium to guide you on healthy eating and living.
What is the difference between Organic and Non Organic food?
Organic products refer to the way farmers grow and produce food for consumption. There is no use of any conventional additions like Fertilizers, artificial feeds, etc. There are certified recommendations that make any food match the term – Organic. On the other hand, Non Organic food refers to the products which may include artificial components that have been introduced to make it grow or appear robust, fresher and ready for consumption.
A recently compiled study published in a Nutritional journal shows organic meat and milk contains around 50% Omega-3 Fatty Acids more than the Non-Organic ones. Also, it was discovered that there were marked nutritional differences between Organic produce such as Cream, Butter, Yoghurt and Cheese when compared to the Non-organic staple. This study did an extensive review which was compiled by an International team of experts. In order to build our premise, here are some of their

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