What Are The Benefits Of Veganism Or Vegetarianism?

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In 2014, 1 percent of people in America identified themselves as vegans and vegetarians, it has significantly increased since then and is at 6 percent in 2017. Over the past couple of years, more and more people are adopting the vegan and vegetarian diets and thus brings out the question whether these diets are actually beneficial for human health or just a lie. Ever since the start of plant based diets hundreds of years ago, it has always been referred to as a more nutritious and healthy alternative. But in this day and age, with increasing amounts of technology, people have learned that plant based diets are not what media portrays as the “perfect diet” but is actually harmful to humans, animals and the environment. Veganism and Vegetarianism is not …show more content…
These people are not incorrect as in fact vegan diets are loaded with benefits such as decreasing blood pressure and increasing good cholesterol (Gunnar 3). Not only these but more like clearing up of skin or more energy are why people choose to follow the vegan lifestyle. Adding on the fact that the vegan diet has been around for centuries and many personal accounts have been written on this controversial topic . Even research by Dr.T. Campbell proved that mice with 5% of their diet as animal protein had increased chances of cancer. Also an experiment conducted in China proved that people had less cancer and chances of illnesses when they had hardly any animal protein in their daily diet (D’Amico 1-3). Despite of all the hate on the vegan diet, there are still plenty of benefits in this diet. It is true that vegetables lead to a lot of food poisoning bt it could be due to the fact on how the product was processed as it could have easily caught bacteria on the process from farm to factory (“Vegetables" 2). Regardless of research and experience, this diet has been proven to somewhat work as it has been regarded as the healthiest diet in the

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