The Importance Of Ped Nurses

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Pediatric nurses (aka Ped nurses) provide health and medical care for children, from birth all the way through their late teens. Ped. nurses are supposed to provide excellent quality care to the children that are in their care, and to also work with the families of the children they care for; to address their concerns, fears, problems, and options. What all exactly a Pediatric nurse varies depending on their work setting. But a few of the most important tasks according to the National Certification Board of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners and Nurses (NCBPNP/N) are: act as a child’s advocate...which means to speak out on what would be best for the child’s interests, provide supportive care to dying children, and to identify the changes in …show more content…
Because of all the different hazards that could happen there could also be life-term health effects of being a Ped nurse or just a registered nurse in general. Some biological hazards are that Pediatric Nurses are exposed to all sorts of contagious and infectious diseases that could be transmitted multiple different ways such as through the air and hand to hand contact. Since Ped nurses always have to wash their hands so much they can have several skin conditions occur. They could contact an illness that is a result of a needlestick injury. Some chemical hazards that a Ped nurse could face are different drugs and medications, latex which is in gloves and some medical equipment. They could have to deal with the different chemicals that are used for cleaning, disinfecting, and sterilizing. Ergonomic hazards involve many situations where physical demands could but are not limited to force, awkward postures and prolonged activities (They may suffer from musculoskeletal problems and back pain from carrying babies and children. Continuous work while standing or walking causes fatigue and leg problems).Pediatric nurses are exposed to pretty much all of the small hazards existing in the healthcare institutions where they work. They could get hurt from sharp objects, and different chemicals. Pediatric nurses may suffer from stresses and burnout caused by shift work, night work, and by other psychological and organizational

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