Nurse Practitioner Personal Statement

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Nurses are the backbones of any clinic or hospital sites. They provide health care in the best of their ability to help their patients but also be there for them as a person. Compassion and tolerance is key to being a nurse. There is no point of caring for other human beings especially those who are ill, if you can not be CARING. Nurses are just as important as any physician, just because they didn't earn a PhD, nurses are still just as helpful as any doctor in the medical field.
I will want to specialize in being a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. Having the role of caring for those at such a young age will require having a big heart. I can only imagine how its like for babies, children or even adolescents to be sick so young but that is why I want to pursue in this career. To have the ability to be there for them physically and mentally can help them get through the
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In my junior year I went to this clinic site called Mansfield Medical Lodge where I was able to shadow different types of therapist. I shadowed a physical, occupational and speech therapist, as a result I learned that I did not want to be a therapist of any sort but that's okay because it made me a step closer to realizing what I want to pursue. At the same site, I also had the opportunity to shadow RNs, which I had a better interest in. Now, during my senior year, I'm currently going to a hospital called Arlington Memorial Hospital. At this site, I go to the oncology department where I shadow the PCTs. I enjoy going here almost every week because the PCT sees my potential to learn and let me do hands activities such as taking vital signs/blood sugars, provide patient care like bathing or transferring, make beds and etc. This year I've learned so much skills and information that will help me have a head start whenever I start my education into

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