Career And College Career: A Career In Nursing

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Career and College Research Paper
What 's better than getting the chance to help save someone 's life? Being a nurse in any type of nursing takes skills. There are many types of nurses: nurses that deliver babies to nurses that work just on a hospital floor. The type of nursing I want for my career is Behavioral Health Medicine which is a mental health nurse. That stands for acute which means sudden onset of signs and symptoms. The reason for me picking this career is the inspiron of my mother that risk her life every day to take care of these sick people and help them the best she can. In my opinion that makes her a hero and who doesn 't want to be a hero when they grow up? It is important to understand the education or training requirements,
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UCO is one of the top public regional University in Oklahoma, it has about 17,000 students, it 's also the third biggest university in Oklahoma. They have 200 plus student organizations/ clubs. They don 't only have students from the united states, they have students from 79 other countries. UCO has 14 NCAA sports, and also 1,234 student volunteer hours logged( "University Of Central Oklahoma"). UCO is a urban area,its location in Edmond,Oklahoma. Financial aid at UCO almost everyone has a chance to get a some type of Financial …show more content…
The SAT/ACT score requirements are 20 composite score on the ACT or an equal reading and math that is combined on the SAT. The GPA requirements are at least 2.7 overall non-weighted GPA and ranking in the upper 50% of your graduation classes or you can have a 2.7 GPA with at least 15 units high schools core curriculum. Some high school classes or programs that could help me get into my career would be at the Vo-tech i could go get my CNA, what a CNA is certified nursing assistant,being a CNA gives me a little more experiences on the nursing field. The entrance requirements are “The application fee is $40.00which is non-refundable or non-transferable. Applications that are made for spring term and submitted after december 1st and applications made for the full term and submitted after august 1st will be assessed and additional $50 late fee. This fee must be paid before an application will be processed, any unpaid applications will be treated as incomplete and not processed until payment is received” "University Of Central

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