Benefits Of A Pediatric Nurse

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Kids in my opinion are just the best and that’s why I want to make a difference in their lives. There are things anyone wanting to be a pediatric nurse should prepare themselves for. Seeing a sick child can make anyone heavy hearted and the nurses working with the kids want nothing but to make them better. The nurses going in this field should be prepared to go through all the struggles and emotional weight that come with working with children. To experience and learn to prepare for everything that will come their way. When working with kids the goal is to make a difference in their lives. Anyone going into the field of a pediatric nurse will experience much. There will be work with many kids and of different ages too. The nurses will also work with newborns so that means helping with women in labor or delivery. Every day there will be a different patient and different conditions. There will be days that it can just be a flu shot or a surgery, but the goal should be that the patient come out fine. If someone is great with kids, working with them helps create a great bond and teaches more about how to interact with the next child that needs their attention. There will be hard times in the field of a pediatric nurse. Sometimes the staff will be short or there will just be a lot of patients that day. Not every patient …show more content…
Not every pediatric nurse specializes in the same area. There could be pediatric nurses that studied in a different field that’s why sometimes the nurses are put in teams. The other nurses can help you alongside the patient doing what they specialized in. It is important to always monitor the patient and make sure they are okay. Some of the duties of checking on your patient is measuring the patient and checking their weight. The nurse will have small kids to teenagers come in for regular checkups. It is the nurse’s duty to make sure that they are healthy, growing, and developing

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