Pediatric Nurse Research Paper

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Pediatric Nurse is a registered nurse who helps with young children, babies or newborns, and adolescent with physical exam, shots up to date, medical records and check ups. Pediatric Nurse goes to school for several years to get their bachelor degrees or even their masters. They can work in all different kinds of settings, do different jobs and make more money depending how long they have worked in the facility and hours.

Pediatric Nurse can work in hospitals, clinics, doctors ' offices, non-profit medical services groups, schools, outpatient facilities or provide in-home services. In a hospital a pediatric nurse will specialize in medical care for certain situations. They also help comfort the parents and children being treated. They also
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You can may go for your associates degree which is for two years or bachelor degree which is four years. You first have to become a Registered nurse before becoming a Pediatric nurse. You must complete different forms of education and must have clinical experiences. You can become a registered nurse by completing a bachelor degree of science in nursing or an associate degree in science. You will experience in-service and classroom training. After you complete this process, you will then have to complete clinical with a hospital that has specialized in pediatric for you to qualify in pediatric certification exam, you need at least 1800 hours worth of clinical time over the last 24 months. Then you will apply for the CPN exam, where you will have to show proof of your RN license as a document. You have to pass the exam with a 89% or higher to become a pediatric …show more content…
They also can give vaccines, give medications and draw blood for tests. Pediatrics nurse can assist the doctor during certain exams given to the patient. They give comfort to the patient and their parents in every situation. For further more duties a pediatric nurse needs to have specialization in dermatology and cardiology. In any situation a Pediatric nurse has to be ready and on the their feet for anything. Depending on the situation Pediatric nurses may have to handle any injury, trauma, and illness of any kind. The pediatric nurse should be calm and collected and show no sign to the patient of how extreme the situation. Furthermore learning how to control emotion during the job will help more and more patients and is the key of moving on in the work

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