Pediatric Nurse Role

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Introduction As a pediatric nurse, one must understand the stages of development for a child to better assist in promoting health and well-being. It is very important to keep the family involved and recognize the family as a major part of initiating the plan of care. Without understanding the development of a child it will be a challenge to assist the child and family in the best way possible. The pediatric nurse must continually support the patient by promoting health, understanding the developmental stages, considering stressors, understanding of complementary alternative medicine (CAM), and educating the parent on safety considerations.
Role of a Pediatric Nurse The role of the Pediatric Nurse main focus in on the medical needs and treatment
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This will help provide an appropriate plan of care for the patient. Understanding the individuals needs will help better assist both sides and lessen frustration. If the nurse made a plan of care for someone who is, consider “normal” it will be ineffective. It is key that the nurse understands the developmental level and be considerate of their needs. An example that will show the importance of understanding special needs is a girl name Avery and she’s 15 years old. She suffers from Wernicke’s aphasia and is usually associated with the posterior or superior temporal lobe. She is unable to comprehend written and spoken words but she can write. She is unable to understand or repeat words or phrases back to the nurse. Her speech is fluent and may enjoy rambling on, but she is unable to follow directions. If a nurse was to observe this she would know that the education and patient teaching would need to be told to the parents or the power of attorney. As a nurse, questions could be asked that are yes/no and that can determine the comprehension of the patient and then go from there. Even with Aphasia there are many levels and severities of this …show more content…
It focuses on the body as a whole and includes support for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. It is important to considers the family decision on CAM and understand that this can help the child’s state of mind. Some examples of CAM natural products are vitamins, minerals, herbs, probiotics, amino acids and other dietary supplements. Mind and body practices are also CAM and they include acupuncture, massage therapy, yoga, tai chi, meditation and relaxation techniques. A parent may want their child to try yoga to be able to relax and clear their mind. This will even allow them to sweat out the bad toxins and get some physical activity in. A child who dwells on their sickness will not make them any better. They need their mind to be strong and powerful to overcome. There is a strong correlation between a positive mind and overcoming

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