Roles Of A School Nurse

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The school nurse has a crucial role in the continuous provision of comprehensive health services to the students. The role of the school nurse required serious attention during the school day with chronic health conditions. The school nurse serve as a team member in providing preventive services, early identification of health related problems, health interventions, and referrals to foster health and educational success. The school nurse plays an optimally care for students at her school. Preparation and ongoing education are important factors for success on a daily basis for every student. School nurse also serve as a liaison between family and community, school personnel and health care provider.
How does a school nurse’s work differ from
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A school nurse provides variety of individual care for students in her daily basis work. A school nurse applies skills, medical knowledge to promote the health of a student. She provides screenings for vision, hearing, health as well as tracking immunization records for students. Every year, a school nurse has to write letters to remind parents about immunization updates. It is required by law that all students must have up to date immunizations, otherwise, they are not allowed to attend school until all of the required vaccines are received.
In similar like a clinical nurse, a school nurse is also responsible for proper use of nebulizers and insulin, feeding tubes, ventilators, administering medications to students with health conditions and other health issues as needed. The school is responsible to store all types of medication in her office and give them to students. In other words, students cannot carry medications with them in school and take their medications by themselves at their own time. On that day, there was a student with a catheter, which the school has to check it often to make sure it is working
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I met with the school nurse in the morning at Jefferson Middle School. My experience as a nursing shadowing has taught me that good communication and listening skills are important in helping understand each other and promoting the students’ health physically, mentally, and emotionally. When I arrived at Jefferson, I was taken to the school nurse’s office and introduced to her. I felt quite lucky because the school nurse used to work with the Hmong community in the Twin cities and she know the Hmong people’s health perspectives. As soon as she heard my last name, she knew that I am Hmong. Immediately after the introduction, a few students came to her office for their medications. I assisted the school nurse administering medications to those students. Some of them came to her office for their inhalers for their asthma. We had to do a brief check on those students with asthma, such as asking them a question like “how do you feel today?” and used our stethoscopes to listen to their lungs. I actually listened to several students’

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