Becoming A Neonatal Nurse

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"If you can save someone 's life, why not do it?" Babies are most families happiness , they always bring happiness to the family. So if you can help save a life just do it. The career of nursing is an interesting career and rewards you and others because you help children in need and in return you should feel better about yourself. This research will describe the career of nursing and how important it is and what 's required to become a successful nurse. The impact that nursing has on career is that they care for patients in need of all ages.

A Neonatal Nurse is a nurse that cares for newborn babies that are born premature, with birth defects, or infection cardiac malformations. I decided to become a Neonatal Nurse when I realized how many
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There are more than one part to becoming an RN (Diploma programs offered by hospital-based schools, Associate degrees offered by community colleges, Bachelor’s degrees at a four-year colleges or university). After that you have to become licensed. In order to take the test, graduates need to obtain an authorization to test through the Board of Nursing. If you don 't pass the test you can take it again in 45 days. Some other states may have some different requirements for the licensure. You need an associate 's degree which mean 2-3 years at a junior or community college. Normally it takes up to about 4 year to get your bachelor 's degree but you have to attend university college. You must take all science, math, english, and speech courses. The english and speech classes are so that you can communicate well with your …show more content…
Nursing allow you to make a change in an infants and their family lives. A neonatal nurse is close to a midwife. Usually neonatal nurses treat and occupy their time on newborn babies who need special help. They also haven’t always been around for a long time , they had an advancements in medical care that allowed them to care for premature babies. Babies stay under neonatal care for about 28 days, which is called specialized nursery or intensive care.

It is 3 reasons why i would to be in this career. I love helping others, I love babies, and I always wanted to be a nurse I just could never figure out what type of nurse I wanted to be. Becoming a nurse really isn’t that hard once you realize everything you have to do. Nurses can be the nicest people you will meet. I actually would talk other people into joining the nursing field just because I like it. I have learned way more about different types of nurses than I have ever know. I was deciding if I really wanted to be a nurse, now I know I want to for a

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