Nurse Midwife Research Paper

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An advanced practice registered nurse is a registered nurse with advanced education. APRNs may be a Clinical Nurse , Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, Certified Midwives, Advanced Nurse Executives, or Nurse Practitioners. A Nurse Practitioner is an advanced registered nurse who gives high-quality healthcare services. They diagnose a wide range of health problems. They approach these threatening illnesses and health concerns rather well to promote wellness. A Nurse Midwife is an advanced nurse with additional training in care of women and infants. Midwives address issues that are specific to women of a range of ages and specially trained to provide care during childbirth, postpartum period, and care of newborn. As well as being a Practitioner …show more content…
I am a visual and kinesthetic learner so moving around and interacting works best for me. I chose this career to research because it is the career I have always been interested in. Growing up being the oldest in a busy house with lots of younger children, I learned to be a caretaker of either the adults when they were sick or the younger children. I enjoy caring for those who are ill or in any pain at all. It gives me a sense of accomplishment when someone that is sick or down smiles or starts to feel better.
I think this career is best for my personality because I care for those around me more than I do myself. “Patient care and the feeling knowing you are not only making patients better but making them feel comfortable and heard as well is what warms my heart.” This was the nurses response when asked what made her job so important. Some of the many positive aspects of a nursing career would include job security,Opportunity to Make a Meaningful Contribution, Competitive salary, and
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Nursing has a very physically demand. Long hours are often required and sometimes still participate in shift work. During the interview I was told that her average work week consisted of about 60 hours. These nurses are also often required to work weekends, night shifts, and holidays as part of the jobs. Another negative aspect is the changing of requirements. Nurses in many states are often required to take additional courses within a given time frame in order to keep working. These Nurses also have to deal with demanding patients. These patients who are suffering from serious illness may not be pleasant and may become rude or upset. When asked about the disadvantages of her career during my interview Nurse Cedillo responded with, “The negative of the job would really be when there are devastating life changing results that you have to disclose to a patient.” This is also one of the negative aspects of the job although many find it as a positive thing being able to help these patients.
Hospitals and health facilities where these nurses work have their own sort of quirky

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