The Benefits Of Being A Nurse Practioner

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You think to yourself what happened before there was a hospital to ever run to or doctors or nurses to take care of the sick? I personally would believe everyone just took a slow painful death. The first hospital in the nation founded in Philadelphia in 1751, although most did not recognize this as a hospital as we know today. Eventually after one century passed by the public addressed the hospitals as a safe environment soon after the Civil War reached a high level of appreciation for all nurses and the high increase of development they were achieving worldwide. Nursing just might be one of the oldest popular professions, many nurses back in the older days were not paid for their services. In the 1960’s specifically 1965 Loretta Ford …show more content…
“According to the 2011 National Nurse Practioner compensation ,survey conducted by the American Academy of nurse practioners , shows that nurse practioners in the south eastern United States , including an average salary of $87,653 and an average total income of $96,916” (Google) . Every job come with disadvantages and advantages, and being a nurse practioner has some heavy duties. Some main advantages includes being able to kick start your career in a minimum amount of time , being included in medical research projects being able to learn complex medical terms , and also answering questions about carious of medical treatments. Being a nurse practioner has a higher profile role, which holds a strong position between being a registered nurse and a physician, a nurse practioner hold a master’s degree and have a clear bypass of medical school. Having the tile of a nurse practioner you will be able to diagnose and treat specific medical problems. Some disadvantages include working at least 40 hours a week which may sometime include weekends and constantly being on call, long hours could have a small effect on the nurses’ family and life outside the job. The nurse practioner is constantly exposed to blood and contagious diseases which face risk from any chemical medications. The stress experience and legal risk also have a high

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