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Nursing has changed the world from the primitive times to the internet age. Nursing in the medieval period was nothing like it is today. Nursing back then was looked down upon. They were treated more like servants than nurses that took care of people. Some of the first nurses helped out on the battlefield during the war. Though, the education for nurses during those times was not very important. Many women did not become nurses because there was not much education at the colleges back then. The role of nursing has changed over the decades. Now, nurses are not cast out by people. They are considered intelligent and very helpful. Nurses do a number of different things for their patients. Nurses take time caring for their patients and improve …show more content…
The relevance of today’s society in nursing has grown and changed greatly since the nineteen hundreds. This research paper will discuss the American Nurses Association, the position paper, and the relevance of the organization today.
In eighteen ninety-six, the American Nurses Association was formed by less than twenty nurses in New York City. These nurses did not have actual licenses in the late eighteen hundreds. There were not any regulations against having a license then. The idea was not thought of to have a license yet (American Nurses Association, 2016). The organization was not called the American Nurses Association at first. In the early nineteen hundreds, student nurses found the first name for the organization. The nurses called it the Nurses Associated Alumnae. However, in nineteen eleven, they gave the organization a new name. They changed the name to the American Nurses Association or ANA. The same name is still here till this day. According to Purdy, “The ANA is governed by a house of delegates composed of representatives from the constituency associations and a board of directors” (2015). The organization’s top objectives were to succeed in
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They have also managed to enlarge the nursing staff greatly during this century. The American Nurses Association Position Paper was thought, discussed, and written about over fifty years ago. Ellis and Hartley (2012) thought that the nursing education has changed greatly in a span of over a hundred years ago when the American Nurses Association was formed. One of the main objectives of the American Nurses Association Position Paper has been understood when hospitals close down their teaching programs for nurses in the hospitals. Instead, the hospitals should place all the teaching programs in colleges and institutions where nurses can be better educated. There are less than ten percent of recent college graduates that received their nursing degree with a diploma. More than sixty percent of college graduates have associate degrees when they start their nursing career. Nevertheless, more than half of the nursing graduates today still have an education which is less than four years or a baccalaureate degree. This makes most of the registered nurses today the least educated of all science and health specialists. Ellis and Hartley (2012) said that baccalaureate degrees in nursing education are called ‘’professional-level nursing practices’’ (p. 76). In the year two thousand, the American Nurses Association administration had a meeting about what the normal admittance for the nursing program should be.

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