Nurse Faculty Shortage Essay

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The field of nursing faces many challenges on a daily basis. One of the biggest challenges at the present time entails the appropriate quantity in demand to care for ailing health concerns. Curtailing off this problem is the effect on the field of nursing academia. Strategies based on evidence, identification of gaps in literature, and implications for clinical practice are of critical importance.
Research Topic
For many years, a deficiency in the number of nurses has been documented. Over time, this need, transferred down to the realm of nursing education, has played culprit to many problems. Specifically, this is exemplified in the number of nurse faculty members available to the field nursing academia and the shortage that
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Theoretical Model Frederick Herzberg’s Motivation-Hygiene Theory focuses on the two-dimensional needs of humans: the need for psychological maturation and the need to abstain from events or things that are undesirable (Herzberg, 2003). This model fits congruently and is used as a framework with the search for strategies, based on evidence, to be implemented as solutions to the nurse faculty shortage. For both retention and recruitment of nurse faculty members to be successful, human needs should be identified. To illustrate, the drive to avoid things that are unpleasant is further broken into factors of motivation, things that entice a nurse to enter into or remain in the field of nursing education (Berent & Anderko, 2011). Hygiene factors are things that are unpleasant and can be reasons for leaving the field of nursing education or never entering at all (Tourangeau, Wong, Saari, & Patterson, 2014). Overall, the Herzberg model helps to identify strategies for recognizing and building upon evidence-based efforts that will alleviate the burden of the shortage of nursing

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