Nursing board certification

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  • Effective Reasons Of Need Of Team Work

    Nursing has been one of the most challenging professions in providing appropriate care of the patients. Although, nurses have the most essential position in caring the ill person, due to various circumstances like depletion of care of individual in different aspects of health leads to minimal care. However, productive care can be obtained by involvement of various health experts with better communicating abilities while dedication is also important for providing effective care which is…

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  • Importance Of Delegation In Nursing

    Delegation and Prioritization in Nursing Charlotte C. Moody, Erica L. Newberry, Nealie F. O’Neal South Georgia State College The Importance of Delegation and Prioritization in Nursing Proper delegation and prioritization are two extremely important skills that a nurse performs. Weiss & Tappen (2015) states, “Changes in the healthcare law compound this need, requiring nurses to learn how to work effectively with other members of the healthcare delivery team, particularly nursing assistive…

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  • Obstacles In Life Essay

    I plan to utilize my skills as a Registered Nurse to assist in the relief of pain and suffering in others. A person such as myself is best suited for a career in Nursing because I am an individual that has experienced first-hand much pain and suffering throughout my life. In the face of adversity, I have risen above and wish to use my experience to care for society. I will also continue to aid in community service…

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  • Preceptorship Report

    shadowed the ADON, CAT call responsibilities were delegated to the out of quota critical care charge nurse by the ADON. During preceptorship, the unit charge nurse has also delegated the CAT call responsibilities to other members of the critical care nursing…

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  • Reflection: A Career As A Registered Nurse

    Self-Exploration When I was young, my mother was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor. She was in a coma for three months and was then admitted into rehab after waking up. From the age of six years old, I started wondering how the human body worked. I always questioned, why people ended up with terrible diseases and what could be done to treat them. For my career, I have chosen Registered Nurse. Registered Nurses have always interested me because of their duty to help patients. Being a…

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  • Case Study: 53 Year-Old Family Nurse Practitioner

    sense that “most NPs choose a specialty area such as adult, family, or pediatric health care” (Black, 2014, p. 18). Also, her certification was through ANCC, the largest certification body among nurses (p. 145). Karen Paker is a 41 year-old Cardiovascular Critical Care Nurse in San Diego. According to Munro and Savel (2015), “specializing in one of the most sought after nursing specialties” (p. 372) makes Karen more than your average nurse. She has been practicing for over 15 years and loves her…

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  • Pediatric Pain Management

    Purpose and Hypotheses of the Study The study by Mercedes Stanley and Deborah Pollard (2013) had three purposes. One was to examine the pediatric nurse’s ability and level knowledge to assess the management of pediatric pain. The second purpose of this study was to examine how a nurse’s prior experience would affect the attitude and ability to competently administer pediatric pain management to patients. A third purpose was to observe the level of self-efficacy among a group of North…

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  • The Reality Of Nursing Essay

    Both Sides of Nursing When you hear someone say they are a registered nurse, one automatically thinks about the amount of money they make. People do not realize that RNs have a tough, but very rewarding, job, that it is more than just money. RNs work 12-hour shifts or more depending on the number of patients. Included with the 12-hour shifts, RNs scheduling, at times, will be different from your typical schedule, working on holidays, birthdays and special occasions. Aside from some difficulty…

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  • Registered Nurse Career

    Registered Nursed gets paid very well and also they have great benefits as well. I would like to work in the hospital in the OB department because when I done my internship I loved being with the babies. There are so many other places a RN can work like a nursing center, office, school, and a doctor office. From my knowledge, I know if you work in a hospital on a holiday you get paid more than an office or a school, because they are working longer. The Bureau of Labor Statistics stated “In 2012,…

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  • Personal Statement: A Career As A Nurse

    kicked in. I feel like this passion to become a nurse is burning stronger by the days that goes by . What I learned from that experience is that I wanted more than ever to be a nurse and that with education, I will become one. Obtaining a degree in nursing will provide me the skills and knowledge I need to achieve my career goals in the healthcare industry. I believe that both academic…

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