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  • Betta Fish Research Paper

    originally came from Asia. They come in different varieties and breed. Since they are freshwater fish, they are more likely to be placed in a small fish bowls or in a larger aquarium. They look lovelier when placed near the entrance door. But what are the things to consider when caring for this fish, aside from its aquarium? Here are the interesting facts on how to care for betta fish. 1. Betta fish in their natural habitat lives in small mud puddles…

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  • Saltwater Angle Aquariums Research Paper

    Saltwater angle aquariums come in various sizes to suit your necessities. The measure of your aquarium will decide what number of fish you can have as well as what assortments you can have since the difference in the extent of tropical fish shifts massively from an inch or two up to an astounding 18 inches. Dissimilar to freshwater angle aquariums, saltwater angle aquariums are more multifaceted to set up, require more upkeep and the aquarium itself in addition to the fish to go in it are more…

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  • Saltwater Aquarium Essay

    Saltwater aquariums can be quite exquisite, however, there is much to know before planning on setting up a saltwater aquarium in your home. There are many major factors that need to be taken into consideration before jumping into a long-term commitment with a saltwater aquarium of your own, such as tank size, decorations, and the different filtration systems, the many environmental factors that need to be monitored to guarantee a healthy habitat, the necessary lighting, the nitrogen cycle, and…

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  • Telescopic Fishing Essay

    Title: Helpful Guide in Determining which is the Best Telescopic Fishing Rod Meta-Title: The Best Telescopic Fishing Rod Helpful Guide Meta-Description: This best telescopic fishing rod guide will make your fishing activity fun and worry-free. Are you in search for the best telescopic fishing rod? If so, then you are at the right page. Telescopic fishing rods have become very popular for many anglers. There are two reasons why – one is because it is affordable and second it is easy to carry…

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  • Case Study: Spectrum Brands

    cover aquatics, dogs, cats, and birds. Some of their products include aquariums, lights, chemicals, food, grooming tools, odor eliminators, and feeders. Therefore; this will mainly focus on one of their aquarist brands, Marineland (Spectrum Brands, Inc., n.d.). Marineland on its own covers a wide range of aquatic supplies. Most of these categories are: food, water care, filters, pumps, heaters, aerators, lights, hoods, aquariums, canopies, stands, décor, and…

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  • The Fascinating Secret Lives Of Giant Clams Analysis

    I watched the Ted talk video, “The fascinating secret lives of giant clams” by Mei Lin Neo. This speech essentially entails information regarding giant clams, such as their basic size or growth status and most importantly how important/essential they are to their aquatic environment/ecosystem. While this speech was well presented and very informative, there are a few points in which Mei Lin Neo falls short on. Starting with her good points first, she was very confident regarding her topic, which…

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  • Saltwater Aquarium Research Paper

    5. Substrate and aquarium live rock: You need to know which substrate is best for your fish tank. There are different kinds and if you get the incorrect kind, you might finish up slaughtering your fish. Live rock is also important; it acts both as a filter and a source of nourishment for the fish. Both substrate and live rock are an important part of you saltwater fish supplies for their classy value in the tank as well. 6. Sea salts: You are keeping a saltwater aquarium you definitely need sea…

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  • The Distinct Differences Between Goldfish And Koi

    The Distinct Differences Between Goldfish and Koi Are you looking to build a pond in your garden and want to fill it with koi or do you have a small fish tank in your living room that you're looking to stock? Either way, it's important that you know the differences in your options. You probably already know that koi carp are not the right fish to slip into that small indoor tank, but what are the other distinct differences between the two types of fish? Their Size & Cost There are plenty…

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  • Tfi Aquarium Case Study

    TFI Aquarium With over 120 fish tanks and pet cages in the shop TFI Aquarium and Pet Center was one of the bigger pet stores in the state of Iowa. TFI opened for business in April of 1972. The original address of the shop was on Broadway, but as the city of Altoona began to grow the address got changed to 8th St. SW Altoona in 1975. When TFI opened their were only 1500 people living in the Town. Due to TFI being one of the larger pet stores people who didn't even have the desire to go fishing…

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  • Guppies Research Paper

    The bottom of the aquarium should be covered with gravel, acting as a natural filter. Your Guppies will do best if you keep the water temperature between 24 and 30 degrees Celsius in the aquarium, and the pH between 6.8 and 7.6. Guppies should be fed at least once every other day. It is important not to over feed them and all food should be eaten within a…

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