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  • Personal Statement: A Career As A Marine Mammal Trainer

    When I grow up, I want to be a marine mammal trainer. This has always been my dream job because I love marine animals more than any other kind of animals. I want to be able to build relationships with them, take care of them, and play with them on a daily basis. I chose this career because I’ll be getting to do what I love every day for a living. This is a very fun and hands-on job. All day you are working with the animals or performing/speaking to the public. Another thing that made me choose…

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  • Marine Biology Career Essay

    Marine biology has always been a dream job of mine. I went to the Pittsburgh Zoo when I was eight years old, and I saw the crawl through aquarium and I was amazed. Ever since then I have always wanted to be surrounded by sea animals and help them in any way possible. While I was at the zoo there was this girl, who I can now tell was a marine biologist, who gave a bunch of facts about the stingrays that we were allowed to pet. She would just ramble off from the top of her head about all the…

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  • Character Analysis Of Miles 'Epiphany In Miles'

    epiphany is that his life on earth will not last forever. After his “one flash of light,” he will be gone. Humans only get one chance to live on earth and Miles realizes he needs to be thankful that he has friends who watch over him and beautiful marine life to discover. He appreciates his life, but cares more for others. After finding Florence dead, Miles expresses his thoughts about her death, “After the ambulance rolled away,…

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  • Reflective Essay: The Differences Between Leadership And Powerpoint

    civilian style the military style is much different from the civilians I work with. The manager and employees are in their office all day. There are some that do casual conversation but I do not see the interaction that I do as a manager with the Marines that work for…

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  • Objectives Of Dingle Oceanworld

    was opened in 1996. The mission statement of Dingle oceanworld is ‘To develop Dingle Oceanworld as a National and International Centre of Excellence in the care, conservation and presentation of all forms of marine life for clean seas. We will conduct research which enhances the quality of marine life and educate our visitors to the best of our ability.’(Dingle Oceanworld, n.d.) Why conservation is important: Conservation is important for both us and the animals being conserved. It is argued…

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  • Marine Biology Career Research Paper

    A career in marine biology will bring the satisfaction of working in a comfortable setting in order to make a contribution to the world. To fulfill this passion, at minimum, an undergraduate…

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  • Personal Narrative: Veterans Day

    Veterans Day! I was not on FB yesterday so today I will give my 2cent 's worth. Looking back in time, I remember getting out of HS thinking about what I should do with my life. I had no Idea. My parents wanted me to go to some kind of collage. There are people that are made to go to school well I am not one of them,and never was or will be. I realized that. My schooling was the School of hard knocks.from 1971 till? I remember it was a Saturday back in June of 1971. We where (my close…

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  • Short Story: Boot Camp

    Chapter 1 Deployment: It had been a rough nine weeks for the young marine. Boot camp was nothing he had expected, there wasn’t a single moment he wasn’t tired or getting yelled at. The 24 year old Adam Carmicheal stared out the window of the hummer, military armor, very safe very hot. A few beads of sweat rolled down his pale skin. He pushed up his falling glasses, not even a few days into deployment and he already hated Iraq. He had been greeted by some not-so-friendly locals who through items…

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  • Summary: Tilikum Kill A Seaworld Aquarium

    Aquariums are million-dollar businesses that run on the suffering of marine animals. Wild orcas and dolphins are supposed to swim large distances everyday. In tanks these animals can only swim in circles or short lines. They are told to do tricks that have no meaning and are being taken away from family members when they’re taken to different tanks or parks. Most animals in aquariums die way before they’re supposed to. The vast majority of sea animals are ripped away from their families and put…

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  • Essay On Effect Of Pollution On Marine Wildlife

    The Impact Of Pollution On Marine Wildlife Marine wildlife has been in existence for over million of years. Researchers and Marine Biologists have been trying to show the importance of the studies of how pollution impacts the lives of many marine wildlife and their habitat. It is necessary that we find out what pollution is doing to these poor marine animals and find a way to start making our marine wildlife clean and healthy. The purpose of this literature review is to provide research to the…

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