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  • Ethical Fishing Practices

    pleasure of humans, but it is often forgotten that it can and will be used up. The amount of overfishing happening is atrocious. The worst part is that millions of pounds of marine life taken from the ocean are unintentional. Fishing companies go out with the intention of catching a select few species of fish and any other type of marine life that is captured in the process is considered bycatch. The methods that fishing companies use are unethical and extremely harmful. Two specific fishing…

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  • The Cove Psihoyos

    dolphin hunting practice in the seaside town of Taiji, Japan. The town relies on dolphin hunting as a means of sustaining their economy, as well as being a part of the specific town’s culture and traditions. The captured dolphins are either sold to marine parks or are killed for their meat. Their practices occur at the town’s coast, in an enclosed and heavily guarded area of the beach dubbed the Cove, where any filming and photography is banned by the fisherman. Throughout the documentary,…

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  • Characters In A Few Good Men

    men are part of the United States Marines Corps in Guantanamo, Cuba. As part of the marines, the men are supposed to live by the marine code of defending their unit, God, corps, and country. Living by the marine code also means being honorable. In the play, Colonel Jessep’s morals and sense of honor are tested when he secretly orders a disciplinary action, called a code red, to Pfc. Santiago that accidently results in his death. Dawson and Downey were the marines…

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  • Stress In The Marine Corps

    of the Marine Corps. The Marine Corps is part of the United State’s military branch, and are known for their discipline, strength, and willpower. I interviewed one of my brother’s closest friend, Miguel. He’s a former Sergeant in the U.S. Marines, who explained what emotions and stress a U.S. Marine deals with on a daily basis. The question is, how exactly does a Marine cope with the stress and mixed emotions they receive on a daily basis? Through the eyes and experiences of an ex-Marine…

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  • Personal Narrative: Josh Childs In High School

    The Proud. The Marines” was printed on the front of a postcard in big, bold letters. It was nothing more than the junk mail that normally came for me, but I never received something so inspiring. I could see half the face of the young man in uniform on the cover. He looked so intense, devoted and disciplined. “The few. The Proud. The Marines.” I silently read again, and in such few words I was ready to enroll into the Marines that day! So the very next day I ran to Josh…

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  • Sixth Marine Corps Recruiting Case Study

    Recruiting Station Six, Sixth Marine Corps District (2013-Present) Billet: Officer In Charge. Area of operations and recruiters in eight states and Puerto Rico, encompassing over 340,000 Sq/miles, corresponding vehicle fleet, budget, and buildings. Awards: -Awarded Prior Service Recruiting Station of the Year the past two fiscal years, and will receive it again this year at the National Operations and Training Symposium. Hosted by the Commanding General of Marine Corps Recruiting Command…

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  • Being A Marine Essay

    being a marine, they fight for their country. Marines are the first on the line of combat. Marines are mentally and physically strong. Marines are always ready for combat in any type of situation there in. Marines have outstanding leadership. The job of marines are protecting their country by learning combat skills. Marines go to combat in any type of weather. Marines learn leaderships skills, the marines corps can take an person of extraordinary, strength, resolve, and sense of purpose. Marines…

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  • Dorothy Haener

    intoxicated to sign the mandatory permission slip for the Marines in place of his father. His drill instructor, Pete Bonardi, was especially tough on him and had little faith in his abilities. In fact when they reunited in Parris Island years later, Pete admits that “[he] was sure [Art] would get killed” (291). Even from the get-go not few people believed in him and Art admits he was klutz. At first Art helped with the loading of ammunition onto Marine Corsairs, but after he accidentally…

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  • Sea Turtle Essay

    Introduction For over 100 million years sea turtles have covered extensive distances across the world 's oceans, filling a fundamental role in the composure of marine habitats. Seven different species of these aquatic reptiles graze our ocean waters, from the shallow seagrass beds of the Indian Ocean, to the vibrant reefs of the Coral Triangle, and even the sandy beaches of the Eastern Pacific. Human activities have tipped the scales in opposition to the survival of these ancient mariners, which…

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  • Disneynature Oceans Reflection

    The documentary that I decided to watch for this assignment was the film, “Disneynature: Oceans.” I chose to watch this film simply because of the love and curiosity I have for sea creatures. While watching this documentary, I had many mixed emotions about all the events that took place. “Disneynature: Oceans” is a movie-length documentary about life within the ocean. This ocean documentary has informative, yet intriguing information about different animals that live within the deep ocean waters…

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