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  • Summary: Tilikum Kill A Seaworld Aquarium

    Aquariums are million-dollar businesses that run on the suffering of marine animals. Wild orcas and dolphins are supposed to swim large distances everyday. In tanks these animals can only swim in circles or short lines. They are told to do tricks that have no meaning and are being taken away from family members when they’re taken to different tanks or parks. Most animals in aquariums die way before they’re supposed to. The vast majority of sea animals are ripped away from their families and put…

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  • Essay On Effect Of Pollution On Marine Wildlife

    The Impact Of Pollution On Marine Wildlife Marine wildlife has been in existence for over million of years. Researchers and Marine Biologists have been trying to show the importance of the studies of how pollution impacts the lives of many marine wildlife and their habitat. It is necessary that we find out what pollution is doing to these poor marine animals and find a way to start making our marine wildlife clean and healthy. The purpose of this literature review is to provide research to the…

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  • Analysis Of Horseshoe Crabs

    eggs. In addition, many fish species rely on horseshoe crab eggs for food. Horseshoe crabs are currently exploited in three industries: the bait fishery, the marine live fishery, and the biomedical industry. Horseshoe crabs are used extensively as bait in the American eel and whelk fisheries along many parts of the Atlantic coast. The marine life fishery collects live horseshoe crabs…

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  • Jacques Cousteau's Accomplishments

    Jacques Cousteau is an oceanographer, inventor, marine biologist, and an author. Cousteau was born June 11, 1910 in Saint-André-de-Cubzac, France, and he died on June 25, 1997, in Paris, France. Jacques Cousteau was the co-inventor of the aqualung, and he wrote books such as the, ‘’ Ocean World of Jacques Cousteau’’ and ‘’ The Unknown Ocean.’’ Cousteau also invented most of the scuba-diving gear and devices that you use today. As a child, Cousteau suffered from stomach and amenia problems.…

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  • Summary: A Career As A Marine Biologist

    A Marine Biologist studies the organisms in the oceans or marine waters. Not only do Marine Biologist deal with Marine life but others do too like, microbiologist, marine mammalogist and Fishery Biologist. For the most part, these Biologist have a long way before achieving their goal. They have many science, english and math requirements they deal with before. As far as education goes they first need to take the following courses, biology, zoology, chemistry, physics, biometrics, mathematics,…

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  • Becoming A Marine Biologist Essay

    A marine biologist studies organisms found in the ocean. As a marine biologist, you conduct research on the organisms found in their home, the ocean. For example,a marine biologist may study how different species in the ocean interact with one another. A person with this career may additionally study how these marine animals have evolved over time or even conduct research on a newly found species. A marine biologist collects samples of marine animals to conduct tests to find out how these…

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  • Whales And Dolphins In Danger

    whales captive at SeaWorld. Both films received award nominations and massive media attention for their call to action and revelation of the endangerments of marine mammals. However, there are so many more dangers to whales and dolphins than just dolphin slaughter, or circus shows at SeaWorld. This paper will cover the threats to these marine mammals, and why the world should care about their endangerment. Some of these factors that threaten and harm whales and dolphins are bycatch, pollution,…

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  • Marine Dolphin Research Paper

    Dolphins are one of the most interesting animals in the marine life. From the way they communicate with each other, to their friendly way around other animals or humans, these animals are pretty well known in the marine world. The name dolphin comes from the Greek word delphis which means “fish with a womb”. Dolphins belong to the taxonomic category “Odontoceti” which also means “toothed whale”. Dolphins match these characteristics of an “Odontoceti”, such as, they have teeth and a single…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Animal Captivity

    Any levelheaded person would love to have a soft baby tiger napping on their lap. Although petting a tiger would be a dream come true for many people, are there any physical or mental implications the baby tiger might endure? Is it morally justified for one’s wishes to be granted at the sake of an animal 's welfare? Should animals be used for one’s amusement or should they merely be left to their own device? Animal captivity brings forth its own set of problems even when the desire to conserve…

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  • Keeping Orcas In Captivity Essay

    average lifespan is 13 years, that's a big difference. Keeping orcas in aquariums deprives them of crucial aspects of their lives, and in some cases it can even prove dangerous to humans. Conservation groups are once again are trying to keep orcas, and other large marine mammals, in captivity. "In captivity, we force this artificial proximity to human beings, so the orcas do act out once in awhile and kill you," says marine mammal scientist Naomi Rose of the Animal Welfare Institute in…

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