Summary: Tilikum Kill A Seaworld Aquarium

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Aquariums are million-dollar businesses that run on the suffering of marine animals. Wild orcas and dolphins are supposed to swim large distances everyday. In tanks these animals can only swim in circles or short lines. They are told to do tricks that have no meaning and are being taken away from family members when they’re taken to different tanks or parks. Most animals in aquariums die way before they’re supposed to.
The vast majority of sea animals are ripped away from their families and put into separate tanks. This can make them angry and sad. Just because they’re animals doesn’t mean they’re not intelligent enough to feel the pain of losing someone in their family and not seeing them in years. An orca named Tilikum killed a SeaWorld
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While aquariums teach us about underwater species while still keeping it fun, we do not take the time to realize that the animals behind the glass are living like us and are being kept in cages. Aquariums may be more fun than cracking open a marine life book, but we still wonder why people would rather see them in cages than watch a video of them in their natural habitats where they enjoy the company of their own species and swim freely in places they recognize and enjoy. It’s as if they’re objects of mating and additions of already horrible collections. Scientists even say that most children that go to aquariums don’t learn half of what they’re telling them about. You might think the animals are living good, healthy lives but if you need to think about it. Would an animal rather be in captivity or out in the ocean where it belongs? Would an animal rather be ripped away from it’s family and with other species that they don’t even know or would they rather live with species they recognize and understand? They only call themselves educational for money and popularity. I doubt any child has been to an aquarium to read the little description panels of the animals. There is no evidence to show that aquariums promote education or change views of animals in any way. Wild sharks were taken away from the ocean to stock Ripley’s Aquarium. Rare Sand Tiger sharks, who are starting to go extinct, were taken of the coast of South Carolina. These animals will never be set free. They will live their lives behind glass

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