Personal Narrative: Veterans Day

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Veterans Day! I was not on FB yesterday so today I will give my 2cent 's worth.

Looking back in time, I remember getting out of HS thinking about what I should do with my life. I had no Idea. My parents wanted me to go to some kind of collage. There are people that are made to go to school well I am not one of them,and never was or will be. I realized that. My schooling was the School of hard knocks.from 1971 till?

I remember it was a Saturday back in June of 1971. We where (my close school friends) down camp on the Whitewater river. I was fishing and the rest of my friends where up watch the draft pull to see what there number for the draft will be.

draft: select (a person or group of people) for a certain purpose. draft: US compulsory
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But to get into the Volunteer Army you had to go in for 3 years active and 3 year reserve and they guaranteed you the job you wanted. To me that sounded pretty good. My job prospect at the time weren 't the greatest. So I told the recruiter to give me a few days to think about it. I got a call from the recruiter on that Wed. and he asked if i made up my mind. I said I did and wanted to join. The cam and took me down to the government building in downtown Cincinnati on Friday of the same week. I need to take some skill test so they could see what I might be qualified for before i actually joined the Army. I remember taking test almost for 6 hr straight that day. Then they took me home. I go a call on Monday and they want me to come to the new recruiting office they had just opened up in Price hill. So I went there and a new recruiter sat me down and ask what I wanted to actually do. I remember thinking I must of screwed up on the test. Then he hands me a list with just about every job the army had for active service. Th list was two pages long. He told me I got top scores on all the test. Humm me!! go figure. I guess i was not as dump as I though I was. The recruter ask me what I was doing for a job now I told him I was working for the SPCA and working at the Auto-In drive in at night. I remember looking at the list and was kind of overwhelmed by the choices the had for jobs. He asked me if I wanted to work with the k-9 corps I sad no right away. Then he asked me what I liked to do and I kind of tole him I like working on HP cars and things like that. (I had a 1966 Ford Mustang that constantly was in need of repair.) He sai oh you wan to be a auto mechanic .I remember looking at him and telling him no really and auto mechanic. He looked at the list and smiled and said OK then how about an equipment engineer. I looked at him puzzled and ask what exactly was that and told me it 's a person that

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