Writing Reflection 3: Harvard Implicit Association Test

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Writing Reflection 3- Harvard Implicit Association Tests
Kiera R. Fry
Texas State University

The entire test taking experience was an eye opener for me. My results were the complete opposite of what I thought it was going to be. The setup of the test definitely took me by surprise. I was expecting the test to be a questionnaire. When I first started the test, I was to focused on not messing up. I thought if I messed up then it would have a negative effect on my results. The first part of the test I went slow, the next parts I went as fast I could in order to have accurate information. After receiving the results for the first test I was actually shocked. The first test I took was the skin-time test, and it revealed
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I believe that based on where I stayed the longest has definitely influenced my results. Growing up in a predominantly white neighborhood and going to a predominantly white school most of my life may have a big deal with why I have an automatic preference for lighter skinned people. Growing up in the black community, most people preferred lighter skinned people over darker skinned people. These people are referred to as "red bone" or " yellow bone". I always wanted to be light because the lighter skinned people got more privilege and praise in the Black community. Another reason I figured I had this preference was where I lived growing up .I thought back to when I first moved to a neighborhood in Fort Worth ,Texas , there were not many Black people. My friends, my teachers, and even most of my neighbors were white. I even remember when I was around seven or eight years old I use to hate being Black because I sometimes felt like an outsider. I It wasn't until I got much older when I was around a more diverse group of students in school and in my neighborhood did I really started to embrace my skin tone and my ethnicity. Another factor that may have contributed to my light skin preference is, going to two predominantly white universities. I first went to Sam Houston State University, where the dominant group on campus was White people. Even in college I sometimes felt socially awkward because I had some classes were I was the only black student or there were only 3-4 Black students in a class. It was harder being the “black dot” among so many white

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