Personal Narrative: A Soldier In Vietnam

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She was one of the girliest girls I knew since grade school, with her stylish culottes and pink garments of all different shades for all different occasions. She was the epitome of a mixture between pure innocence and quirk that boldly took her rightful place in the middle of my heart. Mary Anne wasn’t just all of that; she was also my affectionate girlfriend, my warm-hearted best friend who I could talk about anything with, from the most trivial things to the very meaning of our whole existence. At the time, all I could feel was the absolute joy that I got from spending my time with her. We had our entire happiness in the future planned out, a dream wedding and all, but maybe that was the reason why I wouldn’t have ever imagined that I would be feeling so lost and empty just a few years later, alone and missing a part of myself. I lost Mary Anne to the war we had to fight in Vietnam, but …show more content…
Mary Anne slightly hesitated when I approached her with the usual topic of what we would do after the war. She crinkled her cute nose for a second, scratched her unusual dishevelled blonde hair with her plain nails and meekly replied, “We still have time to decide later on.” The girl I was so deeply in love with all my life up to this point was slipping out of my grip; and it wasn’t only because of what she said, it was also what she did, or what she didn’t do. Mary Anne’s cancer was the war; it took her laughter away by the day and it turned her innate innocence towards the wild. There was no doubt that she saw things that a young girl shouldn’t have seen. Headless bodies with their insides out were just the surface of the horror I wanted to protect her from. She went out on night ambushes with a group of Greenies and did things that I wouldn’t have been able to comprehend; each time, she came back dirtier than the one

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