Reflective Essay: The Differences Between Leadership And Powerpoint

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Personally, I think Leadership is the ability for an individual(s) to inspire others to believe that they are able to do anything even when the goal looks unattainable. They have the ability to motivate, influence, and set a culture that is uplifting and breaks down barriers between leadership levels. It is not something that can be taught in a class, PowerPoint, or book. It is based on experience throughout a career or a combination of careers.
Leadership is everybody 's business because there must be accountability. I look at all my clerks as my replacement. I am the manager and I am there for the clerks to ask questions. I monitor, track, train, mentor and report completion to those above me. I am accountable for what is done right
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If leadership is in your heart individuals see it and the atmosphere spreads to those that have it in their heart breeds a favorable work atmosphere. If it is in the head that is what I call a power trip. They fill the position and have no care for others. Often what I see in my job is the clerks hate the job, the people and the favorable work atmosphere is buried under a lack of motivation.

Explained by Edwards, Turnbull, Schedlitzki, and Gill (2013) the difference between the two is that leadership is creating change. Whether it be by inspiration, motivation, or workspace culture individuals at all levels have the ability to do more than just punch in and punch. Management is the completion of goals accurately and with orderly results. All individuals have the ability to execute the management function just like the leadership function.
I have not worked with a civilian(s) until I got this job. I am the only uniform in the building. Although I do not have much experience in regards to civilian style the military style is much different from the civilians I work with. The manager and employees are in their office all day. There are some that do casual conversation but I do not see the interaction that I do as a manager with the Marines that work for

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