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  • 11 Starfish Research Paper

    The 11 armed sea star lives in South Australia , new Zealand and in the cape peninsula .it’s the largest seastar in southern australia they are found under rocks,algae in pools and in low water levels. It eats oysters,mussels,snails,shrimp and other starfish. It’s scientific name is the Coscinasterias calamaria . it could be brown, blue , green , grey, mauve,white,cream or orange. It you cut off one of its arms it will grow into a new starfish. It’s arms could grow to be up to 30 cm. 11 armed…

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  • Marine Biology Personal Statement

    Marine biology has always been a passion of mine ever since I first heard about it when I was four years old. My family has a deep-running connection to the ocean so when they realized how interested I was in science, they suggested marine biology. I loved the concept of studying unknown creatures that sit miles below the surface of our planet that no human has ever seen. I’ve read many textbooks and field guides over the years, which started as an amusing pastime. However, the more I read,…

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  • Chapter Summary Of The Chapter 'The Darkest Hour'

    Chapter 7 begins shortly after the Patriots evacuated New York City with McCullough describing Washington and his troops completing one of the most dreadful, intolerable and draining retreats the Continental Army undergoed which ended up with Washington's troops crossing through New Jersey. Then, in complete despair Washington practically begged General Lee, by writing letters, to have him join Washington and his troops, but Lee declined his offer several times mostly due to Joseph Reed’s…

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  • How Does Ocean Acidification Affect Marine Life

    the water to from carbonic acid. Carbonic acid separates into hydrogen ions and bicarbonate ions. Then, hydrogen ions combines with carbonate ions forming more bicarbonate ions which makes seawater more acidic. Page 2 Biological Effects on Marine Life In a biology class, I learned about things such as buffers, acids, and bases. I learned that the more Hydrogen molecules that a substance has makes it more acidic, and the more OH- molecules a substance has makes its concentration more…

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  • The Negative Effects Of Ocean Pollution

    The ocean covers more than 70% our earth’s surface, and 97% of the water found on the earth is contained in the ocean. Ocean pollution is a serious matter that people can get into a discussion, but when they go to bed at night not a lot of people are thinking about how much ocean pollution affects not only endangered species that live in the ocean but us as well. Most people don’t believe that they contribute to ocean pollution. They think it’s the big industries that create plastic and…

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  • Round Goby Research Paper

    Round Goby the Invasive Species I know that many people have never thought that fishing, being their main source of income. However when it is, a small toad-like pest called a round goby can devastate you greatly. The many different capabilities and adaptations this fish possess makes it a major threat to the bodies of water it has entered. The round goby or Neogobius melanostomus was introduced to the Great lakes from ballast waters of ships (Protect your waters para. 1). These fish are…

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  • David Attenborough's The Great Barrier Reef

    both of which are installations, reference the fragility of coral reef ecosystems (Pollak, 2012; Wertheim and Wertheim, n.d). The focus and subject matter - particularly in The Bleached Reef, which is a “…testimony to the disappearing wonders of the marine world…” (Wertheim and Wertheim, n.d) - was influential to…

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  • Coral Reef Research Papers

    Coral reefs and how chemical substances can affect these living organisms is what I decided to base my investigation on. We tend to have a genuine love for coral reefs whenever we view someone’s scuba diving photos. You see the fishes swimming around those coral reefs, but many do not know their purpose. However, it comes down to learning the importance of coral reefs and how to protect these species that are very much a part of our ocean. A coral reef is very important, coral reefs have many…

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  • Aurelia Aurita Essay

    Aurelia aurita is more commonly known as the moon jellyfish. It is the most common jellyfish and has been seen to be blooming in great numbers in Pacific and Mediterranean waters. Scientists have mainly focused on blooms of Aurelia Aurita in Pacific waters because of their extreme impact on the fishing industry. It has been speculated by scientists that the combination of overfishing and warming waters have directly affected these blooms. Aurelia aurita is part of the phylum named…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Antarctic

    If you ask me if I only have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to go aboard, where I will choose to go? I will answer without any hesitation, "the Antarctic." Compare to others places, going to the Antarctic is a feeling of adventure or expedition because it is widely described as the last true wilderness on earth. The Antarctica is the highest, driest, coldest but also the remotest, quietest, purest land on the planet so that I want to feel how cold and pure it is. And the most attracts me is that no…

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