Marine Biology Career Essay

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Marine biology has always been a dream job of mine. I went to the Pittsburgh Zoo when I was eight years old, and I saw the crawl through aquarium and I was amazed. Ever since then I have always wanted to be surrounded by sea animals and help them in any way possible. While I was at the zoo there was this girl, who I can now tell was a marine biologist, who gave a bunch of facts about the stingrays that we were allowed to pet. She would just ramble off from the top of her head about all the different sea creatures. At that time I realized that I wanted to be like her and know all that I could about all plants and animals of the sea. Marine biology is also very important to society because it is a job where they take care of the animals, keep them safe, and interact with them all at the same time. I chose to write about this career because it interests me a lot and I would love to be in touch with all different types of animals in my everyday life.
The history of marine biology may not be as old as some other professions, but it is still very popular. This career didn't become an actual study until the nineteenth century by Sir Charles Wyville Thomson and Sir John Murray. "Over four years, they traveled
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The closest job to being a marine biologist would be a zoologist. They have the same pay and need the same qualifications as marine biologists. The main difference is that zoologists study the lives of the animals inside the zoos instead of the oceans. Another job that is similar to a marine biologist is a veterinarian. To be a vet it's needed to have a Doctoral or professional degree. Like marine biologists, vets care for the health of animals. They usually make $88,490 per year. Even with a high school diploma some could care for animals as an animal care and service worker. This is when people care for animals in plenty of ways and make $21,260 each year (Bureau of Labor

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