The Meaningfulness Of After Idea Potent LLC

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3.1 Memorability
The brand name of Barracuda is a simple and easily remember brand name represents the central theme of the product. The brand name easy to remember because the meaning of Barracuda is a type of fish and is known by people. Therefore, consumers will think of the product when they see the type of fish or they think of the fish. Thus, the brand name will easily stick in the mind of consumers. Besides that, Barracuda have their own website that is easily recall and search by consumers which is The consumers can easily access the website by just remembering the brand name itself. By using the website, consumers in any country can visit their website because it is worldwide.
3.2 Meaningfulness
The meaningfulness of
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The company developed the brand name “Barracuda”, which has a resemblance of a type of fish. The public has taken a great interest in Barracuda and the company decided to trademark their brand name to prevent counterfeit issues and imitator brands which aims to gain profit by imitating their brand. In order to protect their brand, their application for a trademark has been filed on the 19th of April, 2015 with a US serial number of 86602286. The registration is currently still in process and under review (Inventively, n.d.). Besides, the company developed a website for Barracuda at which could spread awareness and introduce their product features to the public. Barracuda’s website is copyrighted under Idea Potent Inc. (previously Idea Potent LLC). In short, Idea Potent Inc. took a great effort in protecting their brand (Barracuda) and the website ( legally to prevent competition from counterfeit and imitator

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