Case Study Of Jamie Turner At MLI, Inc.

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Jamie Turner at MLI, Inc.

1. How did Turner get himself into this particular predicament?


There are many reasons contributing to the Turner’s current situation:

• Cardullo had made false promises of giving him the autonomy of Marketing department, which Turner believed abruptly.
• Turner was granted a hefty pay for the new job, which made him join the job.
• At the time Turner joined MLI was struggling over with financial problems. It was not a wise decision for Turner to join at that time.
• Communication gap between Turner and Cardullo.
• Turner did not get the kind of autonomy which he expected, so he was not able to work freely and prove himself.

2. What did Pat Cardullo and Jamie Turner each initially bring to the situation
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• In the interview Cardullo had stressed the importance of good communication among the top executive team; he also emphasized the importance of safeguarding the company assets, and the need for inventory control in production. Had they acted accordingly things could have been different.
• Cardullo saw people as either competent or incompetent. He was unpredictable, especially the way he treated the subordinates. His leadership style had a negative impact on MLI, his behavior seemed unnecessary and even destructive. Staff meetings used to witness frequent outbursts and profanity. At least Turner could have discussed these things directly to him but failed to do so.
• Turner should have tried to reconcile with Cardullo over the issues he was facing.
• Cardullo should not have interfered in the pricing scheme. Turner was working with pricing and sales from the beginning, he had different strategies and ideas. When Cardullo decided to have a companywide margin of 24% on all products Turner could have explained the consequences.
• Turner and Cardullo could have narrowed down their communication gap by discussing the things which had been the reasons for failures. This would have definitely improved their
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How, if at all, should Turner approach Cardullo at the end of the case?

ANSWER  Turner should try to bridge down his communication gap with Cardullo. He should explain the discomfort faced by him in the workspace. Cardullo would surely heed to his problems and provide a solution and necessary changes.
 Cardullo’s track record in Triple S was very good and it was the main reason for making him the President of MLI. Both had a difference in their views, Turner should try to explain it to Cardullo so that they would be able to work towards a common prospective of building up MLI.
 He should explain to Cardullo about the reticent management he was working with and how it affected his work life.

The main reasons for Turner to continue with MLI:

 Turner should definitely continue with MLI. He should not look for new opportunities since the market condition were down and this would become his third move in less than two years.

 Turner was in the probables of becoming the next President; he would be able to achieve it in a very short time. He has a very good future in MLI. Also the compensation given to him was very

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