Case Study Of Miscommunications With A Brazilian Auto Parts Manufacturer

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Miscommunication in any environment can be the cause for tension be between all parties involved in any task. The case study “Miscommunications With a Brazilian Auto Parts Manufacturer” is a prime example of how a major business deal can quickly turn into a failed business deal due to miscommunication by not doing the proper investigative research involved when dealing with an organization located and owned in another country.
The case study begins with two organizations collaborating on whether they should do business with each other on a global scale. According to Central Intelligence Agency (2015) Brazil’s economy has been on a decline and the country is looking for ways to strengthen its workforce. The is business deal may not have
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Astor has many lessons learned from this entire process from start to finish. Mr. Williams is not totally at fault here he should have known that it was outside of Mr. Astor knowledge base but Mr. Astor should have known as well. In any case, he should have requested assistance utilizing the organization’s legal team and according to Kwintessential (2014) a translator may have been in order due to the language barrier. This is lack of communication between the president and the new purchasing manager of the organization. There must be adequate communication between organization management so that the organization is going in the right …show more content…
Astro’s lack of knowledge with the business side of the country made him look too eager and pushy. The Brazilian negation style is to take their time. They do not speak with organizations they speak with people. They offered to take him to his room to freshen up and then go to dinner. Mr. Astro brushed that aside and wanted to go right to the office and complete the business deal. This makes it seem as if the deal was complete and there was nothing more to talk about in regards to the business deal. Again, with no thought on how President Silva does business he offered the contract to them to sign without their input and a legal representative from Brazil. This is not the proper way to do business in this country. Mr. Astro should have gone to dinner and waited for President Silva to bring up the business deal topic and the appropriate time.
Mr. Astro’s pushy behavior in turned made President Silva upset. He voiced his concern and again Mr. Astro brushed him off by wanting him to call him by his first name. Again, this is not how to do business. President Silva did not know him and was never informed of him coming in the place of Mr. Williams. President Silva presented a stern position, which made Mr. Silva in turn do actually, what they wanted to do which was go to

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