Company Case Study: Seagram Beverage Company

The long term goal for Seagram is to refocus and create values to reflect the company in a bright but effective way. The in depth understanding is there and active, but it’s a concern to the company to re-evaluate each step in moving forward. Seagram beverage company succumb to challenges and it is important to each individual to implement the right change. “ The new processes required numerous changes in how people behaved and interacted with each other-indeed, a new culture” (Jick & Peiperl, 2011, p.257). A new culture is the goal and change is needed to help individuals to reach each milestone, moving forward towards the future.
Diagnosis of current situation:
The main concern Seagram is facing is the new culture and how to transition
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“ It definitely starts with strategy first” (Anderson, 2017). It is clear that the old company did not communicate efficiently. Communicating is a huge asset in helping companies to be successful. It is helped the process of change in an organization. A good standing point for Seagram is to achieve “and would have to learn how to be more innovative, cooperative, communicative, and customer focused” (Jick & Peiperl, 2011, p.257). Seagram have positioned themselves with products and services such as many top brand names, Crown Royal, Mum Champagne and Chivas Regal. The growth markets have grew for the company tremendous and this is something they can incorporate in their plan to continue striving as the goal. Training programs is a big force to resolving issues but “however there was no clear mechanism for implementation and follow up” (Jick & Peiperl, 2011, p.261). Taking the appropriate steps to improve and model the values in customer service will change the daily needs of the operation. Focusing on the customers and how they can benefit will increase profits at Seagram. It is crucial to communicate between employees and upper management. Communicating is transferred and creates relationships to enhance the direction of the company. The relationships will help the company flourish with the help from those relationships and creating an environment of good teamwork. …show more content…
Over several of years, Seagram had a history of diversification. The values to obtain for the new company included teamwork, innovation and customer focus. It important when communicating these values that Seagram implement every plan in tact to secure a solid foundation. Hiring the right employees will elevate to maintain a respectable company. Communicating at a high level with employees and reassuring that customers are top priority. For Seagram to surpass in the market with competition, change should be a continuous and a ongoing process. Good change helps the company to not rely on comfort but welcome any challenges unplanned. Each changes help employees to look at things in a different perspective. Companies appreciate the value through tougher situations. Developing strong innovation with products and employees, Seagram will thrive tremendously. “We face the ending first of whatever the change may be and transition into the new approach, culture, process, and so forth” (Pirrung,

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