Liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry

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  • Java Plum Berry Case Study

    REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE of Eugenia jambolana Lam., DEFINITION Java plum berry begin to exist in India where it is originally called as Jamun . Eugenia jambolana Lam., is the scientific name of this plant. Jambolan , Jambas , Jambul , Jamali , Jambul, Black Plum, Java Plum, Indian Blackberry, Jamblang, etc. are just some of the other common names of Java plum berry from different parts of the world . It belongs to the Myrtaceae family or Syzygium cumini (also called as Syzygium jambolanum…

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  • Kanamycin Sulphate And Rifampicin Essay

    Kanamycin sulphate and rifampicin were purchased from Hangzhou Dayangchem Co., Ltd., Zhejiang, China. Acetonitrile and ethanol (High performance liquid chromatography, HPLC, grade) were purchased from Merck, Germany. Sodium dihydrogen phosphate, phenylisocyanate, triethylamine, orthophosphoric acid (analytical reagent grade) and silicone oil (viscosity 10 cSt) were purchased from Sigma–Aldrich, St. Louis, USA. Size 3 hard gelatin capsules were kindly donated by Capsugel Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan.…

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  • Soil Water And Air Pollution Essay

    Chapter: Soil, Water and Air Pollution 1. Introduction: Definitions of soil, water and air pollution; sources and types of soil, water and air pollution, soil and water pollution status in India With rapid increase and development in industrial and agricultural sectors along with population explosion, huge amount of organic and inorganic waste is released in environment and causing serious threats to environment and agro-ecosystem. This procedure can bring about a danger in the human wellbeing.…

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  • Cinnamomum Tamala Case Study

    The column was Rtx-5 capillary columns (60 m ´ 0.32 mm, 0.25 μm film thickness). Helium (He) was the carrier gas at a flow rate 1.0 mL/min. The GC was interfaced with (Perkin Elmer Clarus 500) mass detector operating in the EI+ mode. The mass spectra were recorded over 40-500 amu that revealed the total ion current (TIC) chromatograms, using an ionizing voltage of 70 eV. Temperature program was used as the same as described above for GC analyses. The temperatures of…

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