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  • Sanford Ungar The New Liberal Arts Analysis

    The liberal arts are many things. The study of liberal arts encompasses the arts as suggested by the title, math, and certain science (such as astronomy). It is debated by some whether the study of liberal arts is a good idea or not. A student on the verge of graduating high school have the decision on what to study. Often, he is told to study for just a specific career path and not to worry so much about general studies or the liberal arts. Basically, he is told to follow a path of study that…

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  • Why Students Attend University

    practical, or … the commercial ones: economics, biology, engineering, and computer science.” Today, parents invest in college with hopes to make larger investments back, due to that fact that an individual’s worth in society is based on their wealth. Students no longer attend college to question and reflect on the world, but rather to rise on the social ladder. Deresiewicz believes “college is…

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  • Fashion Beast Inc Case Study

    should hire a liberal arts major. A liberal art major are critical thinker and well-organized communicator. Many companies do not recognize the wealth of knowledge that liberal arts majors can possess. Fashion Beast Inc. would benefit from liberal arts major because their degree does not focus on just one major area of study. Companies are hiring liberal arts major because they are focused, knowledgeable, and problem solvers. Research and Discussion Fashion Beast Inc. should hire liberal arts…

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  • One Sided Commentary On The Benefits Of Liberal Arts Analysis

    A One-Sided Commentary on the Benefits of Liberal Arts The Washington Post published an article on September 2, 2016 entitled, “Meet the parents who won’t let their children study literature,” written by Steven Pearlstein. This article talks about how parents guide their children from the liberal arts to pre-professional majors, such as engineering, business, or science. To better understand Pearlstein’s article, readers can view the essay, “Writing Projects: Summary and Analysis,” by Dr. Celena…

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  • Inclusive Language Definition

    definition of what he thinks it means to have a liberal arts education aside from all of the book work. A liberal arts education is more than what is taught in the classroom. The Whorf Hypothesis also plays a role when looking at how inclusive speech and a liberal arts education relate to one another. Inclusive speech and the Whorf hypothesis both tie into supporting what a liberal arts education’s goals are. Inclusive language furthers the goals of a liberal arts education because it helps…

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  • Live And Learn Why We Have College Analysis

    life while maturing into a whole individual. Gaining the perspective of a liberal arts education is extremely valuable in today’s society. Longwood University…

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  • Liberal Arts Education Benefits

    It has long been debated whether a liberal arts education is more beneficial to a student than a technical or standard education. Should one concentrate one’s time and energy only on the subject of his/ her major? Would a broader education, filled with a wide variety of interesting subjects to explore, be a better option? The choice is really up to the individual. There are a number of things to consider in this decision making. Some of these are: the type of career one would like to pursue, the…

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  • Short Term Goals

    offered few opportunities for young people with ambition like me. Instead of giving up I used the negativity as motivation. My motivation then became attending Spelman College and contributing to its legacy. I wanted to see the world and set myself free of being confined…

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  • The Reasons Of Liberal Arts, And The Advantages Of Being Useless?

    Every person who enrolls in college has an important decision to make: what are they going to major in? Choosing what discipline to major in, for the most part, sets the person up for what they’re going to be doing upon completing their degree, what career they’re going to be entering into, and more importantly how the aforementioned career will contribute to society as a whole. This last piece is important because we should all strive to be better citizens and more productive members of society…

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  • College Students Learn In College

    Should every college student have the freedom to choose what they learn in college? Absolutely, they should. But if you focus your attention and energy on a single subject or vocation are you truly learning? Many students think of college as a stepping stone towards more money and a better career. Not as many go to college for the reason of acquiring knowledge, to learn for yourself what the truth is, to learn independence of mind. You should want to enrich your mind and expand your knowledge,…

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