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  • David Foster Wallace's Liberal Arts Education Teaches An Individual To Think?

    Hendrix makes a commitment to cultivating graduates that are more than intelligent. In doing so, the institution recognizes that understanding perspectives is an integral part of life and actively aims to develop this ability in its students. The liberal arts cover a wide array of topics that vary from the abstract to the concrete and that require mature thought and…

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  • Essay On How To Be Successful In College

    College is a very difficult and stressful time of your life. You need to know that it will be worth it in the end. College is something you will should probably never do alone (Hauerwas). God is always there for you throughout your journey in college. In order to be a successful college student and follower of Jesus Christ you need to be a disciple of Christ, now your calling, and set your limits. To succeed in college, you need to be a disciple of Christ. According to Dallas Willard, “To be a…

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  • Are Too Many People Going To College

    In the reading “Are Too Many People Going to College?” first published in 2008, Charles Murray argues that while the need and idea of going to college and getting a B.A. is becoming increasingly more important, not everyone needs a college education. Murray believes that any student that has already graduated from high school has already, in a sense, obtained a college education. He points out that by the time students finishes eighth grade, they should already have learned all the “core…

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  • Ungar's Differences And The Misperceptions Of Higher Education

    president of Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland . He wrote “The new liberal arts”, in this essay he clarified the misperceptions of obtaining a liberal arts degree. The second author, Charles Murray works at an American enterprise institute, conservative think tank in Washington, DC. He wrote” Are too many people going to college? ” . He talks about who should go to college and who shouldn 't. Ungar clarified several misperception; the first misperception is that the liberal arts degree is…

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  • Why I Want To Pursue My Career As A College Student

    College is entire new experience, and can be overwhelming at times. As a student in high school I was an active participant in my school community, as well as a student who took advantage all the opportunities presented. I know that I am more then capable of being a part of an organization or club and impacting it positively. In addition, to the roles I played in serval clubs, I was also an excelling student. Balancing my academic work and responsibilities was challenging occasionally, but I…

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  • Ungar And Reich's The New Liberal Arts And Robert Reich

    through a learned and educated mind; others, however, argue that college is no longer worth its expense, whereas work has an immediate reward and payoff. Sanford J. Ungar and Robert Reich explore both of these subjective values in their essays “The New Liberal Arts” and “College is a Ludicrous Waste of Money.” Ungar discusses why a liberal arts education should be pursued; doing so by introducing common misconceptions about liberal arts and, using argumentative persuasion, proves their…

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  • Negatives Of College Education

    College education is a long experience that can potentially help you mature your intelligence as well as yourself. When you graduate with the degree of your greatest goals, your life completely changes as you take your first steps into the career of your dreams. Unfortunately, this isn 't always the case if you happen to obtain a degree involving liberal arts. A common debate involving education is whether or not liberal arts are worth teaching anymore. They have been shown to be very narrow…

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  • Liberal Arts Education

    In America, a liberal arts degree seems to be such a demand. High schoolers are pressured to apply to many different colleges and pick a high paying/achieving degree that takes at least four years to achieve. But if you dig a little deeper into why college seems to be so important, is it really necessary to go to college for four years? Will a liberal arts degree actually benefit you and worth the years it takes it attain one? The articles “The New Liberal Arts” by Sanford J. Ungar and “Are Too…

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  • Analysis: Vocation Or Exploration: Pondering The Purpose Of College

    Before I entered college, I never asked myself why I wanted to go on to higher education. I just assumed it was normal to go on to postsecondary education, just like my older brothers and my parents did. Not even once did my high school councilors talk to my class about alternative education, it was always college, college, college, from day one. So in turn, I never pondered the questions; where am I going?, why am I doing this?,or, what is the purpose of all this? As Alina Tugend, New York…

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  • Christian Liberal Arts Education Research Paper

    The decision to attend college is a big one in a person’s life. In today’s economy a high school diploma will not get a person a respected career. Many jobs require a minimum of an Associate’s Degree. So when a person is deciding on a college, many factors are involved: whether you are going to stay local, move away to attend college in another state, or which college offers the best program for your career choice. Also if you will be attending a two-year or four-year college, public or private,…

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