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  • Personal Narrative: Key Club

    Does Key Club makes keys? It’s a common question for new members taking the name of the club literally. While others may laugh at the innocence of the question, as veteran member of the club I’ve realized Key Club, in a way, does make keys. The club opens doors to endless amount of opportunities. Whether the opportunity be helping the local animal shelter or leading the community, Key Club has changed my high school experience. Being a leader was not natural for me. As a child, I was a clear follower, blindly following the lead of others. It wasn’t until high school that I became comfortable with the idea of leading. This idea sparked March of my freshman year. I haphazardly took a chance and threw myself into the election for president of…

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  • Key Club Motivation

    My mother always said that things happen for a reason. I believe that the reason I joined Key Club during my freshman year of high school was to lead me to my major, public relations. At the time, I wanted to join the student-led community service organization just to improve my college applications. However, I quickly became engrossed in the organization, building my passion for serving others and eventually becoming club webmaster the following year. I routinely spent weeknights sorting…

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  • Key Club Personal Statement

    Being a part of a prestigious organization called Key Club is definitely one of the best blessings I have received throughout my high school career. Key Club is where I have seen myself grow and mature the most. My dedication to this organization for the past four years serves as another milestone in my life-long journey for self-development. In the minds of my parents, college acceptances are influenced entirely by grades and standardized test scores--the idea of community service goes against…

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  • Key Club Observation Report

    In my experience, Key Club has been a sanctuary for all people. No matter from what lunch table you sit in or faction you reside, you fit in. Key Clubbers all have a similar interest in doing good for others, and thus have banded together into one large, diverse family. Key Club’s a blast for all the kids that are volunteering as they are helping others and making the world a better place. It’d be in my best interest to serve and support this growing community of volunteers. For the…

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  • Key Club Persuasive Speech

    Hello, Key Clubbers! Below are several things coming up that you should be aware of: International Convention (ICON) ICON is Key Club’s International Convention. It will be held in Atlanta, Georgia this year. Over 2,000 students worldwide will gather on July 6-10 to celebrate a year of successful service. At the event, students can attend workshops, sit in convention sessions, and elect new international officers (Shinbee Park from Capital District is running for International Trustee!). It is…

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  • The Importance Of The Boys And Girls Club

    months, as member of the Boys & Girls Club, has been a momentous time of my life. One of my key aspect of involvement at the club, is helping the kids with homework. Most of the times when the kids comes to the Boys & Girls Club from school, the chances of them having homework is very high of them having to complete their assignment to turn it in the next day. I utilize the time I have to devote all of my time and energy to assist them with their homework. I personally know how important it is…

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  • Key Club Application Essay Examples

    In middle school, I found myself to be more quiet, shy, and less outspoken than my peers. I joined all the same clubs and had the same interests as my peers, such as student council and National Junior Honors Society, but my introverted personality kept me from exploring new leadership roles. As I finished middle school and began my high school career, I brought my introverted personality with me. As first semester progressed, I joined clubs in school that encouraged an open mind and voice,…

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  • Personal Narrative: Come To The Key Club

    to the Key Club meeting every Wednesday, there’ll be free candy”. Of course I was interested the moment I saw free candy; who doesn't want free candy? Besides, I wanted to be a part of a club at this opportunity-filled place called high school. I joined then, and stayed for all four years. Looking back, I’m surprised that I stayed in a club whose initial attraction was a promise of candy. I found out that this club had much more to offer than candy; there were others who had an immense…

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  • The Importance Of Key Club Activities In Community Service

    A really good activity to be involved in during high school for community service is Key Club. Key Club is an activity that I started my freshman year of high school and have finished out through all years of schooling. Key Club is basically community service and our best interest is to help others and donate to establishments that are in need. One activity the Key Club participated in this year was Coats for Kids. We collected used, new, and semi-new coats that could be given to children or…

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  • Personal Narrative: Key Club As A Community Leader

    Throughout my high school career I have been deeply involved in many academic and extracurricular activities, holding leadership positions in several of said clubs or organizations. Here are the positions that are most important to me: Key Club Executive Board Member (2017-2018): Key Club is an internationally recognized service and leadership club in which high school students can become more involved in their own community, and the international community. As an executive board member of my…

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