Keystone Pipeline

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  • Case Study: The Keystone XL Pipeline

    The Keystone XL Pipeline is the proposed last segment of the greater Keystone Pipeline project owned by TransCanada which would run from Hardisty, Alberta (in Canada) to Steele City, Nebraska. The proposed pipeline would carry oil sands from Canada to refineries on the Gulf Coast (Cama and Wilson 14).This pipeline would utilize a bitumen-harvesting process which is more environmentally damaging and less efficient than the tradition oil drilling process. Additionally, the pipeline has been controversial due to the environmental hazards tin its operation (Issitt). One of the major groups of protestors to the Keystone Pipeline are Native American Tribes including the Northern Arapaho Tribe, Yankton Sioux Tribe, and Blackfeet tribe. Their feelings…

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  • The Keystone Pipeline

    Keystone Politics By Garrett Kizior History of the Keystone Pipeline Canada’s Athabasca River Basin is the home of one of the world’s largest stockpile of fossil fuels; bitumen. Bitumen, which lies beneath prehistoric boreal forests and peat bogs, is composed of oil, sand, and clay, and is often compared to thick tar. Because of its composition, bitumen is commonly referred to as tar sands The only method to remove the tar sands from the ground is to first inject hot steam into the earth until…

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  • Keystone Pipeline Construction

    Perhaps one of the most widely debated topics, in recent years, is the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline. The completion of the project has been done in multiple phases and one of the last phases scheduled to be completed is the phase 4 extension. This extension would create a pipeline that would trek, around 2000 miles, from Alberta Canada to the gulf coast of Texas (Friends of the Earth). Since the pipeline would cross international borders, approval from congress would be necessary in…

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  • Keystone XL Pipeline

    To Build Or To Not To Build; Keystone XL Pipeline Essay Against all odds, Mario the character from Super Mario Bros can transport to great distances (and even worlds) instantly through pipelines without any negative impacts. Now looking back at reality, imagine a pipeline transporting oil from Canada to the United States but with many negative impacts. Coincidentally, there is a proposed 1,179 mile and 36-inch diameter pipeline which will bring crude oil from Alberta to the Gulf Coast, known as…

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  • Keystone Pipeline Benefits

    After evaluating both the environmental impacts of the Keystone XL Pipeline as well as the economic benefits it would ensure, our group opposes its completion. As previously mentioned, although the pipeline would allow Canada to achieve economic success and provide energy security for the United States, these benefits do not outweigh the costs. According to Dr. Jerald L. Schnoor, a distinguished professor of civil and environmental engineering at the University of Iowa, the EPA has been…

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  • Analysis Of The Keystone Pipeline

    Introduction The Keystone Pipeline was a proposed idea of a pipeline that would run from the oil sands of Canada to Steele City, Nebraska (“Keystone” 1). It would then connect with an existing pipeline that would administer it elsewhere. Since the proposal was for an oil pipeline that would cross international borders, it needed the President’s approval. The idea became such a controversial topic when President Obama stated that six days to decide the fate of this project was not a sufficient…

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  • Keystone Pipeline Summary

    The Keystone XL Pipeline affects much more than just the oil industry. Many groups fear that the Pipeline would cause the United States to increase its dependence on foreign oil. In addition to the numerous environmental concerns, such as oil spills and water contamination, there is concern about the “current eminent domain laws and federal and state regulations will manage the pipeline’s construction.” In January of 2014, the United States Department of the State issued an executive summary…

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  • Essay On Keystone Pipeline

    Energy Security: The Keystone Pipeline You see them every day as you’re driving down the interstate. Big trucks carrying cylinder-type trailers with hazmat placards strategically placed around them. There are rail systems that may pass through your neighborhoods and or near your child’s school with loads larger than what 18-wheeler can carry. We know these rail systems, as trains. What you may not know is, these trains are carrying tankers filled with natural gas, with loads stretching miles…

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  • Keystone Pipeline Proposal

    Keystone XL Pipeline Proposal: A Step Backward A pipeline through our country to supply our need for crude oil is a backward concept, as we should be working toward a clean renewable energy source. Our current reliance on crude oil has us in a panic to find ways to obtain this crude oil with cheaper and easier methods. The Keystone XL Pipeline Plan will not be a cheap and easy way to obtain more fossil fuel and it will cause more damage to our environment and climate as well as harm our safety…

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  • Persuasive Essay On The Keystone Pipeline

    The Keystone Pipeline is a Legitimate Issue and Should Not Be Approved The controversy surrounding the Keystone XL Pipeline proposal steams from very legitimate concerns. While the issue has attracted support from some parties, it is apparent that many, including environmental activists, civilians and politician have strongly opposed the move, but the big question is, what are the specific reasons is in all this? According to Natural Resource Defense Council, NADR a New York based…

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