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  • Reflective Essay: Pursuing My Degree In Social Work

    switched my major from Psychology to Social Work, I was deadset on getting my Bachelors in Social Work in two years and graduating in the spring. I have spent most of my time in college as a part-time student and was happy to know that the Social Work program had a very specific track for full-time and part-time students. In order to achieve my goal of completing the program in two years, I followed the full-time track. In the summer, I took 6 credit hours for some prerequisites, in the fall, I…

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  • Same Sex Parenting Analysis

    In the Thelma and Louise story, both of the mothers worked part time so that they could also be home for their kids throughout the day. An example from one of my favorite TV shows applies to this situation. In the show Modern Family, there are a set of gay parents named Mitchell and Cameron. They adopted a daughter…

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  • Three Types Of Flexible Work

    Assessing and rewarding the performances of employees emerges to be a disputed subjected in the managerial area, especially as different business have different needs. Flexibility is a highly amorphous term (Pollert, 1991, p. 3). Atkinson (1984) proposed three types of flexibility: Financial, functional and numerical flexibility. Internal vs external flexibility is however seen as a more updated study on the effects of flexible working (McIlroy, et al., 2004). External flexibility is similar to…

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  • Gayle Lemmon Argumentative Analysis

    Women’s’ role has changed over the years. More and more woman are now joining the workforce. Each year the number of women in the workforce has increased. According to Finsterbusch, women constituted 30 percent of the workforce in 1990 and 45-47 percent of the labor force in 1995 (Finsterbusch, 57). Women also seem to be more educated than men. Finsterbusch states that women are outnumbering men in education (Finsterbusch, 58). Women face two issues concerning the workforce. Although women seem…

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  • Essay On My Motivation For Pursuing A Degree

    My motivation for pursuing a degree comes from within myself. I have gone through many ups and downs with my academic career. Presently being in the area of accounting has helped me develop for my part. I do not have much experience in the accounting department, making every day a studying opportunity. Having this favorable circumstance allows me to have a head start with work experience. Working with my current company has given me the motivation to further my education in the accounting…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Different Life In The Other Wes Moore

    The Other As children it is our parent’s main priority to decide what the best choices are for us. However, as we start to grow older we have somewhat more of a say so in what we decide to do. Both Wes Moore’s in The Other Wes Moore had rough childhoods, but the way they were raised and the way they chose their actions led to two very diverse lifestyles. Within the environment they were both living in, it could have been very easy for the author Wes Moore to have fallen a victim of drug gangs;…

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  • Wiper Blades Essay

    Wiper blades are devices used to remove rain, debris, snow, and ice from the windscreen. They are also known as windshield wipers or windscreen wipers. They are used by most driven machines including motor vehicles, watercraft, train locomotives and aircraft. They are usually a legal requirement for most of these crafts. A wiper usually consists of metal arm balanced at one end and a long rubber blade attached to the other end. The metal arm is mostly powered by electric motor. The rubber blade…

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  • Deserving Athletes

    Rough Draft: Compensating a Deserving Athlete In order to reduce the unfair treatment of college athletes, the National College Athletic Association should compensate their student-athletes because they spend time on a sport that is equal to a full time job, also the athletes must maintain steady production in order to keep their scholarship, because they must provide a good amount of revenue for the schools they play for. College athletes live a lifestyle that has no time for leisure. They…

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  • Reason For Engaging In Online Classes Essay

    The Reasoning for Engaging in Online Classes Teenagers today barely leave their room as it is, but what if they were told that they could receive a college degree from the comfort of their own bed? As a student graduates high school, he or she has the option to either further his or her education or go into the work industry. If one chose to proceed to college, he or she could live the campus life or partake in online classes. Most people would choose to take classes on campus because they are…

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  • Decision-Making Model Analysis

    Introduction Decision making is a complicated task that humans have to do to succeed in life. For almost everything that people do, they have to make decisions and weight the pros and cons of their decision. Goldsmith (2013) explains that the management process involve the ability to think, the desire to act and the desire to see results. In this paper, I am going to explain how I am going to set a plan of action to succeed in my life about being a full time student, and a full time worker,…

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