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  • Gender Inequality In Terms Of Labor Income: Case Study

    working individuals between ages 25 and 54 from Current Population Survey, 2012. Sample size contains 999 observations. I will first discuss the predicted signs for the coefficients’ equation based on theoretical reasoning for the empirical methodology part. Next, I will use t-test and F-test to test if the variables are statistically significance. Lastly, I will predict the earnings of some hypothetical…

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  • Personal Narrative-Formal Theater Concert Analysis

    2015 was a time filled with adventure and grandeur. I can still vividly remember the frigid, icy night of twenty degrees Fahrenheit when my family and I saw The Cold Hard Cash Show in concert. This was where I was introduced to Johnny Cash’s music by Merle Travis Peterson. I received nearly an overdose of unique and remarkable music that influenced many other genres. Even with Johnny Cash’s death, his music has continued to inspire and ignite generations. The amazing concert was at the Oriental…

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  • The High School Student: The Working Student

    Harrell and P.W. Wirtz found that, among those students who worked at least 25 hours per work while in school, their unemployment rate four years later was half of that the seniors who did not work... many who begin as part-time employees in fast-food chains drop out of high school and are gobbled up in the world of low-skill jobs" (Etzioni A., pg. 250). Is their job, that much of a distraction?, to boldly state that working students are to become high school dropouts…

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  • My Reflective Essay: Why I Was In College

    I graduated from college! The process of obtaining my degree did not come easy. I had to remind myself many times the reason behind what I was doing, and after completion it would change my life now and for the future. I would obtain my degree, and pursue my dream job of being a pharmacist, working at a local hospital. During my years of college, not every day was easy. In remembering why I was here, and how I made it to this point, I reflected back on my entire background, the person who…

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  • Veragon's Work Schedules Case Study

    cater to the specific needs of the employee can help to reduce family stress. A policy that takes into account the need for flexible work schedules could also include the institutional use of part time workers, which could cover the gaps in work schedules which would come at no cost to the company. The hard part here is for the organizational leadership and managers to actually understand the needs of their employees and then work to produce a work schedule that facilitates the organizational…

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  • Lsst Score Analysis

    The greatest story ever told about one’s self is one of pure transparency and honesty. I can say that in my twenty-four years of living, I could never have foreseen experiences and obstacles I would have had to overcome. Summer of 1998, I traveled for the first time on a plane to the United States. My fathers side of the family had already left the country years prior to get settled and get affairs in order for us who were still back in Haiti. Bright eyed, six year-old from Haiti, I had no idea…

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  • Negative Effects Of Obamacare Essay

    many jobs over the past couple years. Obamacare has had a negative impact on jobs because employers are cutting workers hours to part time, getting rid of jobs, and raising their prices to accommodate for the money they’re losing. The law has essentially caused a domino effect…

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  • My Academic And Career Goals In The Medical Field

    I currently have a part time job and also a work study at school. With raising a kid as well as going to school it doesn’t really leave anytime for me to work many hours. My bills are higher than what I make. I have been getting help from my family when I am short on the…

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  • Why Women Still Can T Have It All By Anne Marie Slaughter

    Women struggle with having children, jobs that require long hours, being a single parent and the gender pay gap (men get paid more than women). In her essay titled Why Women Still Can’t Have It All, Anne Marie Slaughter discusses how women juggle with work and having children and a full time job. She talks about how hard it is to have a good job when trying to take care of the children is very difficult. When Anne- Marie Slaughter was working for the government she just forgot about her two…

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  • Narrative Essay For College

    Graduating with a degree has been one of my dreams ever since I can remember. I was born and raised in Mexico, and right after my high school graduation my parents decided to move to the United states to look for better opportunities for my younger siblings. My parents moved with my 5 sibling while me and my older sister stayed behind. My sister stayed behind with me because I had a dream to fulfill, I wanted to go to the university and fresh out of high school, this was my opportunity. It…

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