Personal Narrative Essay: Going Back To Minnesota

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On one sunny Saturday in June the excitement hit one family, and especially one girl who was excited as ever to go back to Minnesota. The last year was the best, but this year was going to be better. This year there were going to be cousins there, that meant fun. We all headed up there my grandpa and grandma Fedders and Jordan, aunt Debbie with her son Michael, my aunt and uncle pike with their daughter Katlin, and family whole family Kevin, Dawn, Kelsey, Kayla, Amber, sister’s boyfriend Justin, and our dog Dakota. With my cousin Kiana and her dad, Mark are coming down from Chicago to meet us for a few days as well.
Then we were off.
I rode with my cousin Katlin and her family in their tan Chevrolet pick truck. It was an older truck that
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We went up and done, side to side, and even fell off a few times. After that exhausting, yet fun adventure we switched people on the boat. Then, while the other were tubing some of us went kayaking with blue, green, or orange kayaks. The paddle boat was also another fun adventure that was tried while we were there.
While that was our afternoon activities, we did do fun more and evening one as well. This would happen to include going fishing in the midmorning around ten and then after supper in the evening for a few hours as well. With the sun setting just behind the hills and few houses that were there it was a gorgeous evening. Many of us caught sunfish, largemouth bass, pike, and crappie. Watching the bobber go down when a fish pulled on the line and then trying to reel it in as fast as possible was the best part. Sitting there is the comfiest clothes was awesome.
Mini gold was also included in our adventures while we were
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It had about twenty holes that you could play. It was fenced in with a white fence and included cute little decorations. Nothing too special. We played this one more after the sun had risen. Perfect temperature with the sun shining high in the sky, a gentle breeze in the air, and no clouds in sight. We split into three-four groups because there were so many of us. It was still an experience that I will never forget. One of the first times that I got a whole in one. It was so exciting. Watching all of my family members was a touching moment because we all bonded. Then one night it decided to rain, so we decided to go into Alexandria and go bowling. It was a cool place that we went to, right close to a little mall, you couldn’t miss it. You walked in and it was filled with color. We got those old blue and white blowing shoes and got down to our bowling business. The games were tight. Kids against kids and adults against adults. There were laughs and jokes all night. We didn’t want the night to end.
The week still had lots more of adventures. From playing games in the house to shopping, the game room, and so much more it was the best vacation

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