The Importance Of Inequality In The Workplace

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Work can be difficult for most people, and the rules in the work force are sometimes unfair. Therefore, not everyone will ever agree with each other because there can be miscommunications at times. Companies treat their employee’s unfairly to the extent it makes their employees mad. As well as, the American culture devalues work by showing the lack in benefits people receive, the really strict rules companies make their workers follow, and the hard pressure they give workers when working. In other words, the American culture is not showing the value in work when workers are trying to show they are valuable, and hard workers. In the first place, tons of people in the United states work hard to support their families, and it is very hard for people to find a good paying job. The American culture devalues their workers when it comes to giving them benefits for the work they do. …show more content…
Certain work can be overwhelming because there is so much to do in just one shift. Most jobs have goals that have to be reached before the end of a work day, and the employees are determined to meet those goals. However, if those goals are not met, then there is more pressure on them because they will have to work harder. The American culture is devaluing how workers work by not accepting the hard work people have to go through. A lot of workers in today’s work industry, are hard workers, and do not feel recognized for the hard participation they give. In other words, feeling under pressure can cause accidents, especially if working in a warehouse, workers are more likely to fall or trip over something because they are in a rush. In this case, work places are devaluing the employees because the pressure of getting something done in a certain amount of time can be dangerous. Furthermore, certain work places don’t value what employees do for them which that leads to workers quitting their

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