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  • Ibuprofen Case Study

    Introduction: According to Drugs.com, “Ibuprofen is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). It works by reducing hormones that cause inflammation and pain in the body.” This includes conditions such as headaches, painful menstrual periods, toothaches, back pain, dental pain, migraines, arthritis and any minor injuries. Ibuprofen is also used to treat and reduce fever as well and is typically administered to individuals, both adults and children ages 6 months and older. Ibuprofen has been recognized by scientists and medical practitioners to be one of the safest over the counter medications available; however, many studies completed have discussed concerns about long term use as well as risks the drug poses on individuals. This research…

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  • Paracetamol Research Paper

    with fluid retention or ulcerative colitis. If you have previously had any bleeding in your stomach, or have high blood pressure (hypertension.) Have a narrowing of the arteries (peripheral arterial disease) or any problems with your heart, such as angina, heart attacks, or mild or moderate heart failure and If you have ever had a stroke. Ibuprofen may also cause stomach or intestinal bleeding, which can be fatal. These conditions can occur without warning while you are using ibuprofen,…

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  • Ibuprofen Experiment

    Purpose Ibuprofen is one of the most common over-the-counter medications. It reduces pain and inflammation by limiting certain hormones. The drug is taken orally, usually in the form of a pill, and is absorbed into the bloodstream once it dissolves. Both human saliva and human stomach acid aid in dissolving the pill. Human saliva has a pH of about 6, and stomach acid has a pH of approximately 2. The purpose of this investigation is to discover whether the pH of a solution will affect the time…

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  • 12 Principles Of Ibuprofen

    Green Synthesis of Ibuprofen Green Chemistry is a new approach and perspective of chemistry that can improve human lives and maximize efficiency. It is a branch in chemistry that explores and examines techniques to reduce and eliminate hazardous and harmful substances. These harmful substances effect humans and the environment in multiple ways, the twelve principles of Green Chemistry can help minimize them. The twelve principles include prevention of waste, the design of less hazardous…

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  • Ibuprofen Synthesis Essay

    Based on our findings, the NSAIDs aspirin and ibuprofen do have an impact on the heart rate of the Lumbriculus variegatus worms as evidenced by Figures 2 and 3 above. We observed that caffeine also had an impact on the heart rate of the worms. We can state that our hypothesis was correct when it came to the ibuprofen solutions because evidence supports the claim that the ibuprofen does increase the heart rate in Lumbriculus variegatus. Furthermore, as the concentration of ibuprofen increased,…

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  • Dex-Ibuprofen Research Paper

    ABSTRACT Dex-Ibuprofen–polyethylene glycol (PEG) conjugates (PEG-dex-Ibu) were organized and their prospective as a prolonged release method was investigated. PEG-Dex-Ibuprofen conjugates were synthesized as of Ibuprofen and PEG with 4000 Da molecular weights by esterification in the incidence of DCC and DMAP. The PEG-dex-Ibu conjugates were characterized by FT-IR, 1H NMR, and DSC analysis. The solubility revise in aqueous system showed an improvement within the solubility of conjugates. The…

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  • Compare And Contrast Opioids Vs Ibuprofen

    After a survey, it is confirmed that one in every five people experienced chronic or long-term pain while 1 in 10 inhabitants are experiencing less or moderate one and, it’s not shocking that painkillers such as paracetamol and ibuprofen are part of every person medical cupboard. But what accurately is the distinction between the two drugs, and is one more effective or helpful than the other? A common question many doctors and pharmacists are asked is can you take ibuprofen and paracetamol at…

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  • Mirror, Mirror Exhibition Analysis

    professional sculptors in the Philadelphia region founded in 1997. Their purpose as an organization is to expand awareness of the role and value of sculpture through exhibitions. Their mission is to promote contemporary sculpture and serve as an advocate for sculptors. They have sponsored over 70 indoor and outdoor exhibitions including two major international shows. Lastly, they have had sponsored exhibitions featuring college students and new, emerging artists. The most interesting pieces…

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  • Pathophysiology Case Study

    sweating while feeding, tiring easily, and poor growth patterns”(Schumacher, 2016, p. 1). When this occurs, interventions are implemented to close the PDA. EBP According to van der Lugt et al., (2012) ibuprofen and indomethacin are both COX 2 inhibitors that are used for pharmacological closure of PDA, which is a first line treatment of a patients PDA’s that fail to close within a 48 hour after birth. PDA’s occur in approximately 28% of the infants born at or before 32 weeks gestation (van der…

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  • Szalavitz Analysis

    smoking or eating a cupcake, I used to eat a lot of chocolates and candies. Despite the numerous warnings from parents as well as my dentist, I did not stop consuming them until a decay developed from plaque on my teeth, which forced me to go to the dentist. This was my turning point in my eating habits in which I lowered the consumption rate of sugary food and increased the amount of healthy food that I should consume in order to be healthy. On the other hand, consuming a medical tablet…

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