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  • Caress Body Wash

    The standard way of thinking about packaging is that it is just a wrapper around an item. Contrary to the standard way of thinking, Thomas Hine believes that packaging reflects one’s lifestyle and values. In his essay “What’s In A Package”, he explains the complicated process of creating consumer packaging, which appeals to the consumer on a subconscious level. Because of this, consumers can realize the abundance of packages, the minute details that go into them, and how packaging can make or break sales. In this essay, I will be analyzing the minor details in the packaging of Caress Body Wash: Tahitian Renewal, AXE Harmony Body Wash, EcoSmart Instant Repellent, and Prince of Peace Ginger Candy to show the importance of packaging. The Caress Body Wash: Tahitian Renewal contains pomegranate seeds and coconut milk used for exfoliating the skin. The bottle has a curvy shape, which was made to generally attract women. In the liquid, one can see the pomegranate seeds as red beads since the liquid is a pinkish red color and since the bottle is transparent. The scent of the body wash can be described as having a fruity scent, which is also said to attract women. In addition, the name of this particular Caress product, Tahitian renewal, has vital significance. Tahiti is an island that is a popular vacation spot, located in the Pacific Ocean. Since it is located on the Pacific Ocean, this product can be a symbol of relaxation and the lifestyle of Tahiti. In Tahiti, people participated…

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  • Permethrin Research Paper

    of these animal studies and reports of neurotoxicity in children with massive acute as well as high-dose chronic exposures to DEET, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends against using DEET in children under 2 months of age. Furthermore, when used in children, combination products (ex: sunscreen-insect repellents) should be avoided and DEET preparations below 30% are recommended. The CDC recommends pregnant women take additional steps to prevent arthropod-associated infections and makes…

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