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  • Disadvantages Of Okinawan Food

    A place where disproportionate number of people live a healthy life for a very long time, such as Sardinia, Okinawa, Loma Linda, Ikaria, and Costa Rica. Sardinia, Italy is among of one of the blue zones spots, which produces a local wine with highest levels of polyphenols and antioxidants. The diet higher in selenium, zinc, calcium, and phosphorus content of goat’s milk, which are essential for the ideal immune system activity promote healthy aging. Another advantage is the strength in their bone density and consequently low risk of fractures. Okinawa, Japan – Okinawans consume a low fat diet, based on fruits and vegetables. They also consume fresh fish and tofu as protein sources. Their diet is also abundant in minerals phytoestrogen, which reduce the probability of heart attack and the incidence of breast cancer. Loma Linda, California community is made up of Christians who keep a clean living and stress relieving Sabbath, not drinking and not smoking. Another habit shared among Seventh-day Adventists is the 24 hours weekly free of stress. They also practice regularly exercise and have a healthy diet. Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica is an island where its residents keep a tight-knit relationship with family and friends. They cultivate their own fruits and vegetables. Additionally, they consume plenty of beans and tortillas made out of maize, which is rich in calcium that helps support strong bones. They live meaningful lives focusing on their beliefs and religion. Ikaria,…

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  • Paradise Now Summary

    In Paradise Now Chris Jennings talks about 5 different Utopian movements in America. The five movements where “The Shakers”, “New Harmony”, “The Fouriesrist Phalanxes”, “Icaria”, and “Oneida”. He first one he gets into “THE SHAKERS” which opens up with giving a brief explanation of Ann Lee’s childhood and living situation in Manchester, United Kingdom. She grew up with her seven siblings and her two parents in an apartment and worked in a textile shop and then moved into velvet cutting and once…

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  • Why Humans Want To Be Famous Analysis

    famous-because they achieve immortality in some shape or form. Look at Elvis, although he is dead, he made his mark on earth, and that 's what Humans want. And as Routledge put so perfectly in his article, To Feel Meaningful is to Feel Immortal, “People want to be more than mere mortal beings who die and disappear forever.” All live on Earth fight to survive, day-to-day, but as Humans we are aware of our inevitable demise. We question our meaning in life, we want to be remembered, we want to…

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