Ibuprofen Synthesis Essay

Based on our findings, the NSAIDs aspirin and ibuprofen do have an impact on the heart rate of the Lumbriculus variegatus worms as evidenced by Figures 2 and 3 above. We observed that caffeine also had an impact on the heart rate of the worms. We can state that our hypothesis was correct when it came to the ibuprofen solutions because evidence supports the claim that the ibuprofen does increase the heart rate in Lumbriculus variegatus. Furthermore, as the concentration of ibuprofen increased, the resulting heart rate values took an upward rising trend like we had expected. This was not as clear in our aspirin trials because the heart rate values do have variability among them in the trials of each solution. We cannot state for certain that the effect of aspirin is an increase in the heart rate of the Lumbriculus variegatus as shown by the results of the regression data analysis. We can extrapolate that the aspirin is probable to have an impact on the heart rate though by analyzing the data shown in Figure 2. Possible sources of error that could have …show more content…
This is evident in Figure 1 which shows a comparison between our caffeine trials and the spring water control trials. We found that placing these worms into a caffeine solution does cause an increase in their heart rate, and previous studies had similar findings. In a study conducted by Lesiuk et al. (1999), which involved looking at the effects of placing Lumbriculus variegatus into solutions of increasing caffeine concentrations, it was found that the pulsation rates of these worms were on an upward rising trend as the caffeine concentrations increased. While our study did not look at increasing concentrations of caffeine, it did also show the same findings that caffeine has the effect of increasing the heart rate of Lumbriculus

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