Hyperbolic geometry

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  • The Efficient Market Hypothesis

    According to Lo (2007), the efficient markets hypothesis (EMH) maintains that market prices fully reflect all available information. It was developed independently by Paul A. Samuelson and Eugene F. Fama in the 1960s, this idea has been applied extensively to theoretical models and empirical studies of financial securities prices, generating considerable controversy as well as fundamental insights into the price-discovery process. Ang (2011) stated that the early theoretical articulations of…

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  • Kurt Wenner: An American Artist

    Constantly visiting and studying this mural sparked his thought process of how the way things are viewed. Kurt used perspective to fool the viewer’s eye into believing that his artwork was actually three dimensional. He called this type of geometry, Wenner’s hyperbolic perspective; which is basically a fancy way of saying optical illusion (Wenner). His art work can trick you into believing that there is a 200 foot deep…

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  • Descartes Existence Of God

    I think that if 'cogito ergo sum ' is the foundation of Descartes ' project in the Meditations, the existence of God is the cornerstone that joins the internal and the external world, making knowledge possible beyond the sole account of the self. Therefore, God 's existence has a major role in the overall argument - it is that which enables the thinker to take the first steps towards the 'unification of sciences '. However, in my opinion, it is not employed correctly, as Descartes, in…

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