Hyperbolic geometry

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  • High School Mathematics Class Descriptions Essay

    The mathematic classes I teach at the high school are one section of Advanced Mathematics, two sections of Algebra 1, two sections of high school Pre-Algebra, and one section of eighth grade Pre-Algebra. The other two mathematic teachers cover Geometry and Algebra 2. These teachers also teach science classes, so I am the only fulltime mathematics teacher. Within the junior/senior high building, there are 80 junior high students (seventh and eighth grade) and 150-200 high school students…

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  • Aryabhatiyam Case Study

    CTET FEB (2016) - PAPER 2 SOCIAL STUDIES 44. (4) Famous Indian mathematician Aryabhata wrote the famous Aryabhatiyam book. The Aryabhatiyam is reference manual for mathematics and many of its facts and figures are still used in the modern society. The book was written in Sanskrit language and comprises 121 verses. 45. (2) Lord Buddha delivered his first lesson at Sarnath to his five beloved disciples (name). The very first lesson delivered by Lord Buddha is popularly known as Dharmachakra…

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  • Geometric Habits Of Mind

    Since the beginning of our time together as a class, we have held many late night discussions on what geometry instruction may look like at the elementary level. I have learned about the Geometric Habits of Mind that should be present in our classrooms as we engage our students in geometric thinking. I have also had demonstrated for me what it looks like for a teacher to help his/her students move forward to higher Van Hiele levels of thought. These two systems of thinking, along with the…

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  • Counter Euclid's Elements

    Euclid’s work, Elements, is based around the early mathematical understanding of what is present day geometry. The work begins with definitions. The Oxford English dictionary labels the process and point of definitions to be, stating or describing the nature of scope of meaning of a specific term. (‘Define’) Euclid’s first definition is, “a point is that…

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  • Donald Duck Analysis

    The journey Donald Duck is taking in this short film tells the origins of mathematics and how mathematics can be found in everyday life. The film shows you how it all began by taking Donald back to ancient Greece. Pythagoras is the father of mathematics and he showed us how everything does in fact include math in it. Pythagoras learned that from taking one thread of string and dividing it in half then dividing that in half and so on, he learned they each have their own tones due to each length…

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  • Van Hiele Model In Education

    My chosen area of mathematics is angles in polygons, due to the visual nature of geometry enabling the students to be engaged and stimulated (Chambers & Timlin, 2013). Not only this, but since geometry is present in our everyday lives, students have a basic grasp of shapes, however, they have not developed a critical understanding of what properties define that shape (Bell et al., 1983). This basic foundation knowledge can also cause difficulty when it comes to teaching and learning as the…

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  • How Did Pythagoras Use Math

    progress the advancement of mathematics. Pythagoras was born in 750 BC and was a very intellectual philosopher. Supposedly he learned lots of different math and science concepts from different people. For instance, it is believed that he learned geometry from the Egyptians and astronomy from the caladiums. Pythagoras was a very well rounded man that traveled to learn all that he could. He traveled to places like Egypt and Crete to learn math and science concepts, but he a;so went to learn about…

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  • Pythagoras And Progression

    is also used in Euclidian Geometry. “A” squared plus “B” squared equals “C” squared is the formula used in the theorem. For example, we are given two numbers in the sides of a triangle; if we are given the adjacent and opposite sides, and we must figure out the hypotenuse, we will be required to use the Pythagorean Theorem. The two numbers given are squared, and our third number, we obtain it from the sum of the two numbers squared. Pythagoras’s theorem applies to geometry; however, it can…

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  • Van Hiele Levels Of Geometric Reasoning Essay

    The Van Hiele Levels of Geometric Reasoning describes how students learn geometry. It was a theory worked on by Pierre Van Hiele and his wife, Dina Van Hiele-Geldof. They were Dutch researchers and teachers. They came up with this theory at the University of Utrecht in the year 1957. The Van Hiele’s did multiple research experiments and it took years for them to complete this thesis. Shortly after the thesis was complete, Dina passed away (Šafránková, 2012, p. 72). These levels have five…

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  • Modern Day Math Research Paper

    The History of Mathematics Almost from the beginning, math or rather counting has been part of human existence. Close to the time language was discovered, humans have be using there indexes to begin counting. Counting seasons, counting days, along with keeping track of passing time have all been a part of earlier human civilizations. Prehistoric artifacts dating back over 20,000 years have suggested that early humans made attempts to quantify time. Therefore, it is no accident, that the…

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