Personal Narrative: New Lessons Learned In High School

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Sometimes, the things we know, we can take for granite. We can learn through teachers reiterating the same advice over and over again, until we can move on to something new. A particular situation can reinforce new lessons that one might have not learned before. We keep forming new lessons, capturing the knowledge to use in years to come. A time that I was so careless in school, getting by with straight A’s my eighth grade year, was corrupted by going into my freshman year, Geometry class. Our eighth grade year was still young. This was the good times when our grades didn’t count and I personally, didn’t care if my grades did count or not. My favorite time of the day was Algebra one. Now, I know that many of my classmates hated …show more content…
I started to take notes, but as he went on I started to wander off into the conversation that was happening next to me. Sitting next to me was Carter Johnson, probably the loudest person I will ever know. He has never taken notes in math in his life, why would he need to. I notice that what Mr. Peirce was talking about in the lesson, I had already known how to do, why I would need to listen anymore if I already knew how to do it. Turning to talk to Carter and others around me the time passed by hastily. After Mr. Peirce is done with his lesson he hands out homework. These problems had never scared me and I was done in a flash, while others that had been talking and not paying attention did not and asked for …show more content…
There were no more easy equations, not taking notes, and not studying. Though studying to me was harder than most, I believe, this was because of “Proofs”. These problems hurt me the most. There were no numbers or letters just words and steps I could not get the hang of.
One of my classmates, Josie made her own quote about Geometry, “Geometry why, Geometry try, Geometry die” she explained with a slight groan.
“That’s a great quote,” I told Josie.
Tests were a big problem. Writing out proofs and telling what each meant or having to make a triangle well only using circles. The inconceivable math that was needed to solve these equations was pulling me down. This was a valuable opportunity for me to learn if I had every want to work somewhere that uses this. After the test is done we will get it back in two to three days.
I get so nervous to see my test score. I walk into the classroom, sit in my desk and wait for the results. As Mr. Cullen passes out the papers, I get myself even more nervous shaking my leg up and down. He hands my paper back there it was my score. I probably had gotten worse somewhere but let’s just say it was a bad score. Knowing my classmates around me had also got bad score,
“I will let anyone take retakes before or after school,” Mr. Cullen said to the whole

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