Essay On Why I Hate Geometry

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I am tired of solving your problems. You are incompetent, confusing and most of all plain useless. I don 't know a single job besides a mathematician that requires the use of math. The Board of Education makes me bored of education, and you are more useless than a white crayon. As I get older, you become more difficult to do just like trying to solve a rubik 's cube blindfolded. You should be banished from every single school in the world forever. Who even made you? The Greeks? They must of been partying too hard one night and accidentally created you. You are a plague worse than the Black Death and it needs to be cured quickly. I was very fond of math when I was young. I actually understood it. As the years went by, you got more and more difficult. Then it happened; in the seventh grade, I had my worst …show more content…
Under a survey I conducted, I found out that about 74% of students actually like math. “It was fine before they implemented the Common Core. I think they should 've kept math they way they did before they implemented the new way of learning. And that 's why I hate math and dread going to math class” says Patrick Murzinski, an honors math student. Joey Rorro, a former honors geometry student states, “I hate geometry. Its useless information unless you are pursuing a career in architecture. Trying to find the tangent of an angle is next to white ink as the most useless thing the world has ever seen.”
Just like what Patrick said, the Common Core is puerile and should not be implemented in any course of math. I personally think that the people who made the Common Core should do a poll for students to see how much we hate the Common Core. I bet you that 99% of the students surveyed will say they don 't like it. That 's not even an exaggeration. They state only put Common Core in the curriculum because they wanted to see how smart we are. Do they even trust us on our

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