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  • Analysis Of Game Of Thrones

    Game of Thrones is unlike any other series on air to date. It has recently gained a massive following of fans over its fairly short lifespan as a series. Drawing from George R. R. Martins books, this series, for sake of argument is practically the same as the books in its adaptation. The series strays from the typical fantasy series with its absence of a singular quest, portrayal of magic, and its mostly gray characters, give Game of Thrones a realistic view in the fantasty genre. With all…

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  • Irony In A Doll's House

    A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen is an illustration about an issue of women’s rights in Norway society during1878, during which women were expected to be undoubtedly obedient to their fathers, and husbands as well. The play is known as Ibsen’s strong desire about human being. It also a challenge to traditional rules about women’s rights. Women were normally sacrificed their lives for other people’s feeling, or devoted themselves for their husbands’ happiness. A good example about sacrificial role…

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  • The Struggle For Inequality In A Doll's House

    Just when you think everything was perfect, it get messed up and you realize what you have been struggling against the injustice of inequality due to gender. A Doll’s House illustrates that situation perfectly because; the protagonist, Nora, was modeled into perfect citizen of “justice”, she made a mistake and beckoned the conflict which would change her life, and at final, Nora suddenly notices the injustice behind the social system that she is in. Therefore, our protagonist sets out to…

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  • The Three Sisters Chekhov

    However it is doubtful how well she remembers Moscow. She was very young when they left therefore she lived in Moscow at a very young age making her unable to have strong memories. She expresses her eagerness by saying “To go back to Moscow. To sell the house, to make an end of everything here, and off to Moscow…” (I). Later on she criticises her brother saying, “Two weeks ago he lost money, in December he lost money. I wish he’d hurry up and lose everything the perhaps we’d go away from this…

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  • She's Lost It By Louise Bourgeois

    There’s no escaping the fairy tale in popular culture; a woman trapped under duress, awaiting for a man to rescue her. It’s an archetype that transcends time and continent, but whether it’s approach to gender roles is outdated is an entirely different question. Louise Bourgeois was fascinated with this concept, due to her parents tumultuous relationship and the trauma surrounding identity that pursued her throughout her life. One of the pieces that highlighted the existence of gender roles in…

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  • Symbolism In Henrik Ibsen's A Doll House

    behind in the house. Nora slamming the door and existing showcases a new woman who leaves behind the male-dominated society and chooses to go her way and be free. This represents modernity and women’s revolutionary step in the 19th century that was done in attempts to seek identity, and dignity in a society that demoralized and viewed them to be inferior. The title itself, “A Doll House” is a fundamental symbol of a real house. The acts occurred in a Doll’s house. In any given house, children…

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  • Womens Role In A Doll's House

    A Doll House During 1870’s, the role of women in marriage was a very controversial theme because there was a belief that women were supposed to follow certain duties with her husband and family; furthermore, women did not have many possibilities to depend on themselves, and they utterly depended on men. Henrik Ibsen wrote the play called “A Doll House”, which is a critic toward the models and standards of marriage during this time, and its protagonist, Nora Helmer, represents the situation of…

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  • Analysis Of The Movie 'The Bicycle Thief'

    The film started with Antonio Ricci being offered a posting advertising bills job but cannot really have this job without having a bicycle. That being so, Maria Ricci, his wife, pawned their bed sheets in exchange for Antonio’s bicycle. Afterwards, Maria had to go visit someone. Antonio finds out that it is a fortune teller and had his fate predicted. On the first day of his work, his bicycle got stolen by a young man. He tries to catch the culprit, however, was unable to do so. He reported the…

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  • Personalities And Differences Of Mohammed Alrefaei From Saudi Arabia

    Personalities and Speaks I am Mohammed Alrefaei from Saudi Arabia, I was born in March 26, 1994, I am talkative and bold most of the time. In Saudi Arabia people respect who is talkative and have bold personality. It’s part of our culture, that people know my personality by my way of speaking to them. As I am known in Saudi Arabia that I have a strong personality because of my way of speaking Arabic. I didn’t know that my personality will change in different language. Communication is so…

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  • Gender Stereotypes In A Doll's House

    three-act play of 1879, Henrik Ibsen gives a whole new perspective to the meaning of a doll house. No longer does the reader consider a doll house to be a fun and enchanting child’s toy, instead it is portrayed as the struggles of feeling caged and powerless. This essay will discuss the development and growth of the character of Nora Helmer as she faces the difficulties of being trapped in the doll house by gender stereotypes, deception, and the power of money. Throughout the play it is slowly…

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