Human Services Career Path

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Jennifer Boyd-Leeth
Ms. Hazel Tucker
CPT 170-024
04 March 2017
My Career Path Helping people, assisting those in need, and seeing the progress of the people you have helped is one of the best feelings in the world. That is why I have chosen to develop a career in the field of Human Services. Human Services is a relatively modern profession that has developed over the past few decades. The Human Services program is constantly changing and is a broad profession. Career choices within the field are available for multiple levels of education and each level has varying wage benefits. The field of Human Services is broadly defined as uniquely approaching the objective of meeting human needs through an interdisciplinary knowledge base, focusing
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Deinstitutionalization is the movement of large numbers of people from self-contained institutions to community-based setting, such as halfway houses, family homes, group homes, and single residential dwellings (Woodside 38-40). When deinstitutionalization began a need to provide services to those affected became apparent; therefore, the field of Human Services was developed. Clients had multiple needs, limited knowledge, and limited resources. The human services professional assisted clients in coordination of available services and became a liaison between the client and multiple helping organization. Early pioneers in the field consisted of Jane Addams and Ellen Starr. The two females founded the Hull House in Chicago in 1889. The purposes of the Hull House were threefold: to provide a center for civic and social life, to improve conditions in the neighborhood, and to provide support for reform …show more content…
Listed below are the average starting wages dependent upon each level of education. Each level of education builds upon the one previous (National Organization of Human Services (NOHS)).
Associates Degree $31,000
Bachelor’s Degree $44,000
Master’s Program $60,000
Licensed $76,000

I will obtain my Associates Degree in May of 2018. I intend to continue my degree at the University of South Carolina – Upstate where I will gain my Bachelor’s degree. Once completing my Bachelor’s degree, I plan to begin my career in the workforce. While working, I am going to complete my Master’s program at an online institution. My overall goal is to be finished by 2025. I love to help people and I thoroughly enjoy the reward of seeing others succeed. Human services professionals are identified as having complimentary characteristics in his or her personality. These eight characteristics are: relationship building, empathy, genuineness,

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